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      You can count on our worldwide service team to be there when you need them.

      Whether your operation is located in Europe, North America or Southeast Asia, WEIMA’s highly qualified service technicians are at your fingertips—whether by phone, via email, through our service portal, or on-site. You can count on us to provide competent customer assistance every step of the way.

      When you need help fast:

      Parts department:
      Service and repair:
      Service emergency line: +49 (0) 7062 9570 14

      We will never leave you high and dry – our full service portfolio:

      Our service department is totally prepared to help you with the preventative maintenance of your machine. This ensures that it lasts longer into the future and that its capabilities are maximized each time you turn on the machine. We will work together to find a solution to any problems that arise and to optimize the value that a WEIMA machine can add to your operation. Through constant collaboration, we will provide you with the optimal waste management solutions and service.


      Your investment in a WEIMA shredder or briquette press should provide you with long-lasting returns. Original parts will definitely help with that. Preventative maintenance—like rotating/replacing knives, counter knives, etc.—with WEIMA parts ensures that your machine will continue to be reliable and that the throughput will stay consistent. You can trust us to provide high quality, German-engineered parts for your WEIMA machine.

      We refuse to compromise when it comes to the quality of the hydraulic and electrical construction of our machinery. This is why we use name-brand components in our production process—names like Bosch Rexroth, Siemens, and Eaton-Möller. We produce our control panels in-house, so your machine gets to you faster.

      Need parts? Email us here:

      Service Hotline

      Thanks to the best technical team, it’s possible to address most technical concerns with a quick phone call to our friendly service team. You can trust WEIMA’s excellent support team’s comprehensive understanding of your specific machine’s hydraulics, mechanics and software specifications. Please have your quote number or machine number available if possible. If not, we can look it up for you.

      You can reach WEIMA’s service department Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

      You will be connected with a service technician that knows your machine like the back of their hand.

      +49 (0) 7062 9570 14

      Service and Repair

      WEIMA’s service technicians are trained to get every shredder and briquette press in our product line up and running. They know our machines like no one else can. Our training process and low turnover rates ensure that our know-how is second to none.

      In order to increase our availability and decrease our service department’s reaction time, we recommend having a service agreement in place.

      Take care of your machine! Regular preventative maintenance of your shredder or briquette press is an important part of keeping your machine reliable and safe—saving you both time and money. Similarly, the resale value will remain high and the machine life will increase through documented upkeep, based on the operational parameters set by WEIMA. Your output will remain consistent and your operation will save money through optimally adjusted components.

      Thanks to the package pricing option, or a flat-rate yearly charge, you have the ability to plan for down time. After reviewing the service parameters for your specific machine, our service team will travel worldwide and go through a checklist for your machine—the WEIMA seal of approval! We also will exclusively WEIMA original and spare parts that we can guarantee.

      Ask us today about our service packages at:

      On-site machinery trials

      You want to use your machine to its full potential. Our service technicians conduct many tests, mostly in the early phases, mostly so they are familiar with your application as well as the machine itself. We want to pass on this combination of know-how to you and your employees. Our technical team will join forces with you as partners in the project at hand, usually through an on-site trial using your application.

      We have a variety of departments and training courses for new and expert technicians alike. Our conference rooms and hands-on training courses provide us with the opportunity to pass our size reduction know-how on to you.

      WEIMA’s training centers are located at our global headquarters in Ilsfeld, Germany, as well as at our North American headquarters in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This provides the opportunity to get to know your machine in the optimal circumstances and to learn more about your specific application as it relates to size reduction.

      Want to see how a WEIMA machine will stand up to your specific application? Email us at: