Success Stories

WEIMA gets requests for size reduction solutions from all over the world. Check out some of our installations in action and learn a bit more about the people and production lines behind these WEIMA machines.

Here you can find periodical news stories about people who are successfully using WEIMA shredders and briquette presses within their operations. Since the founding of our company in 1980, more than 30,000 machines have been sold. Just last year we sold over 1,300 application-specific machine solutions worldwide.

Do you have a machine of ours that is doing amazing things for your operation? We’d love to report on it here! Email Audrey at for more info.

Not a drop wasted — ReWork at milk processor, Emmi

Using a WEIMA Puehler G.300 ReWork draining press, overfilled or underfilled milk cartons are automatically opened and emptied in order to return the recovered milk to the production process at Emmi in Switzerland.

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Frame-making and upholstery artisans assemble wooden framed furniture in a production facility.

Comfortable Shredding

Calgan Recliners in Johannisburg are among the biggest manufacturers of upholstery furniture in South Africa. A WL 4 shreds their wood waste.

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Plastic Boxes, Round 2

The dream team of a WEIMA W5.14 shredder and New Herbold granulator get defective plastic boxes ready for the next job.

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Britain’s Got Shredders

When watching The Voice, The X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, many viewers don’t think about what actually happens to the…

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Compressed aluminum cans are easy to recycle.

Fiddlehead Brewing Company adds Drainage Press to Canning Line

Fiddlehead Brewing Company integrated a WEIMA E.200 drainage press into their existing canning line to puncture, drain, and compress any out-of-spec aluminum cans that are rejected during quality control. This is a hands-off solution to effective product destruction and recycling.

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High-end Maui Jim sunglasses lined up on a display shelf in their showroom

Keeping an Eye on Sustainability at Maui Jim

Renowned eyeglass manufacturer, Maui Jim, emphasized their commitment to sustainability by incorporating a WEIMA briquette press to compact optical swarf and reclaim the valuable cutting fluid. In cooperation with Satisloh and Bazell Technologies, machinery was selected to keep this operation environmental, efficient, and economic.

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We want our customers to love their WEIMA machine and to feel good about the service they receive—that’s what keeps us going. We also work hard to ensure that, when it comes to service and expertise, WEIMA is the provider that marches at the head of the pack.

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