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WEIMA gets requests for size reduction solutions from all over the world. Check out some of our installations in action and learn a bit more about the people and production lines behind these WEIMA machines.

Here you can find periodical news stories about people who are successfully using WEIMA shredders and briquette presses within their operations. Since the founding of our company in 1980, more than 30,000 machines have been sold. Just last year we sold over 1,300 application-specific machine solutions worldwide.

Do you have a machine of ours that is doing amazing things for your operation? We’d love to report on it here! Email Audrey at for more info.

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Recycling of cans and disposal of labels at OeTTINGER using PUEHLER presses from WEIMA

The world-famous Bavarian Brewery, OeTTINGER, has increased their sustainability efforts by adding WEIMA’s PUEHLER presses to their canning line. At many of its locations, cans are dewatered, compressed, and recycled in one step.

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PUEHLER G.200 Drainage Press from WEIMA makes its U.S. Debut

Custom Recycling is a metal recycler that takes residual metal scrap from companies in the area and diverts it from going to the landfill. They recently added the very first US-based PUEHLER G.200 drainage press from WEIMA to their line of recycling machinery to recover aluminum from out-of-spec beverage containers.

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butler macdonald employees in front of a big weima shredder inside a production hall

Doubling Down on Plastics Recycling

Butler-MacDonald is a plastics recycling specialist which takes great pride in processing hard-to-handle plastic scrap from various sources, including post-industrial and post-consumer waste streams. The company recently commissioned its second WEIMA shredder!

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Pool Covers Without Waste

Closed Loop Production at Plastipack: A WEIMA four-shaft shredder and a granulator recycle inhouse plastic pool cover production scrap in England. Find out why it is surprisingly quiet in Plastipack’s shop.

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Pool Covers Without Waste

Wherever production takes place, residuals inevitably accrue. This is also the case at Plastipack Limited in the United Kingdom. The manufacturer of high-quality pool covers shreds and then recycles its plastic film waste in-house using a two-stage shredder from WEIMA – an excellent example of closed loop production.

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Ghost(net)buster in the Netherlands

Marcel Alberts has declared war on so-called Ghost Nets – left-over, floating fishing nets and ropes that pollute the world’s oceans. Using state-of-the-art technology for plastics recycling, the aim of his Dutch company Healix is to turn this linear waste into a product on site and create a circular economy. At the forefront of the process chain is a WEIMA W5.22 single-shaft shredder.

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