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WEIMA crushes it on the show floor at Craft Brewers Conference 2023

WEIMA wowed attendees at the Craft Brewers Conference 2023 with their remarkable drainage press, crushing cans with ease and transforming them into valuable compressed discs. Their innovative technology not only maximizes storage efficiency and transportation savings but also showcases their commitment to sustainability in the brewing industry.

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WEIMA’s Powerful Shredder Leaves a Lasting Impression at WasteExpo 2023

The WEIMA PowerLine 3000 shredder at WasteExpo 2023 in New Orleans left attendees in awe with its massive rotor and large cutting knives. Showcasing its capacity to process various types of waste, WEIMA’s PowerLine proved to be a powerful and impressive solution for efficient waste management.

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WEIMA’s E.200 Drainage Press Takes Center Stage at Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America

WEIMA is set to showcase its innovative E.200 drainage press machine at the upcoming Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America in Nashville, Tennessee. This cutting-edge technology offers an efficient way to drain partially filled cans in one easy step, increasing quality control and decreasing waste for beverage producers.

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WEIMA at ISRI: Scrap Recycling Done Right!

At ISRI 2023, WEIMA will exhibit its advanced machinery for metal recycling, emphasizing the importance of transforming bulky materials into manageable sizes for effective processing.

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PUEHLER G.200 Drainage Press from WEIMA makes its U.S. Debut

Custom Recycling is a metal recycler that takes residual metal scrap from companies in the area and diverts them from a landfill. They recently added the very first US-based PUEHLER G.200 drainage press from WEIMA to their line of recycling machinery to recover aluminum from out–of-spec beverage containers.

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WEIMA on the Road: From Atlanta to Chicago and beyond!

The WEIMA team has spent the last two months spreading the word about sustainable size reduction machinery. From Atlanta to Chicago, the team is making connections and selling machines that will make American manufacturing more sustainable!

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