WEIMA on the Road: From Atlanta to Chicago and beyond!

trade show 27.09.2022

Tradeshows and conferences have been revitalized post-pandemic in the United States. Each industry has seen a boom in attendance at events from both exhibitors and attendees alike. The North American sales and marketing teams have been on the move since the end of summer telling the country about size reduction technology and the WEIMA purpose—creating a world without waste.


First stop: Atlanta!

Within the wood industry, there has been an eagerness to return to the show floor all year long. The anticipation of the International Woodworking Fair (IWF)in Atlanta, Georgia built as August got closer and closer, and the crowd did not disappoint.

The WEIMA booth was a-buzz with company representatives with big wood waste dilemmas. WEIMA’s reputation as a leader in robust machinery for wood waste management opened the door for many incredible conversations that sparked ideas. These ideas led the company to sell a record number of machines during and immediately after IWF 2022. These shredders and briquette presses will be located all over the country, allowing for more efficient wood waste management nationwide.


Breezing through the Windy City

The machine tool industry and the entire metals industry has been hard hit during recent current events. For example, the aerospace industry saw a sharp decline in production during the pandemic when flights were grounded, and travel was limited. Since the return of air travel, the industry has seen a return to production, and that was evident on the show floor of the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, Illinois in early September. This show focused primarily on metal scrap management, so the spotlight was on metal briquetting and swarf compression and drainage!

Conversations on the show floor at IMTS

The WEIMA booth at IMTS 2022

Briquette samples show the full scope of WEIMA's metal size reduction capabilities.


The show floor at IMTS was very, very busy. The debut of the newest addition to the compression line of machinery, the PUEHLER C.200 swarf press by WEIMA, was a major success. This machine is ideal for anyone with bulky birds nests or turnings, because it can be conveniently located next to a machine tool center. Handling these sharp and cumbersome masses of metal is eliminated, because it can discharge directly into the hopper of the PUEHLER C.200. The material is then compressed into 200 mm discs for more efficient reclamation or recycling. What’s more is that expensive cutting fluids or emulsions can be reclaimed and reused as well.

Though this machine is tested and known in Europe, the first two PUEHLER C.200 swarf presses in the United States were sold on the first day of IMTS! Helping companies handle scrap more efficiently and environmentally is at the heart of what WEIMA does. The need for machinery like this was very evident on the IMTS show floor where tons of valuable, recyclable scrap is generated.


Where are we headed from here?

The final industry on the trade show circuit will be Pack Expo International 2022, which is also located in Chicago. WEIMA’s diverse line of shredding and compressing equipment makes it possible for multiple industries to manage scrap more effectively. Pack Expo focuses primarily on the packaging industry, which encompasses a vast range of materials. From cardboard to film to aluminum cans, WEIMA has a way to reduce and recycle common products used in packaging and transporting goods around the globe.

The WEIMA booth at Pack Expo will have a WLK 10 single-shaft shredder on display as well as an PUEHLER E.200 drainage press. These machines, though very different from one another in nature, have one goal in mind: to help companies reduce the handling of packaging materials and increase the likelihood of those materials being recycled.

Emmi Switzerland rework discs compressed milk cartons

Dewatered and compressed milk cartons from rework process at Emmi

Compressed aluminum cans are easy to recycle.

Compressed aluminum cans are easy to store and recycle.

Closeup view of roll of brown corrugated cardboard.

a pile of film/bubble wrap in a super-sack

A collection of film/bubble wrap waits to be shredded.

warehouse with filled woven big bags and jumbo bags

Woven sacks and big bags

bales of plastic bottles and aluminum cans

Bales of clear plastic bottles, as well as aluminum cans, are ready to be shipped to a recycling facility to be processed into something new.

WEIMA is planning a busy and impactful trade show season for 2023. The North American sales team will be traveling all over the country to engage manufacturers in so many industries. Waste Expo will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, followed by ISRI and BrewExpo in Nashville, Tennessee. Las Vegas will welcome the WEIMA team once again to the Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) show floor in July, with so many smaller conferences and gatherings sprinkled in between.

The WEIMA team is energized and ready for what 2023 has in store. See you on the road!

Download this press release and pictures here:

Download this press release here


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