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      PUEHLER E.200

      Packaging press for cans and packaging

      The PUEHLER E.200 is your economical introduction to draining technology. It produces pellets with 200 mm diameter. Draining presses of the PUEHLER series work electro-hydraulically by means of different hydraulic cylinders. The material is fed manually through the curved feed hopper. The pressed out liquid is collected in a collecting trough and can be drained by a separate pump. Cleaning and maintenance is particularly user-friendly. PUEHLER presses are resistant to contaminants.

      With the compact packaging presses from WEIMA you can open filled disposable packaging in one operation, separate the contents from the packaging and compress the packaging. In this way, cans, PET packaging, soft packaging, beverage cans, spray cans, TetraPaks, wet wipes, hygiene and cosmetic products and much more can be drained, separated and compressed at the same time.