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      WKS 1800

      Single-shaft shredder for plastic applications

      The WKS series was specially designed for plastic applications, the new machines aim for shredding voluminous objects, tear-resistant fibers and film. One of the most obvious new features is the newly designed material feeding system. Instead of a horizontal ram, the new WKS series has a so-called “swing-ram,” which is guided on rolls. This is what makes the shredder very compact and easy to maintain. It also allows a more aggressive material infeed. Optionally, an attachment can be added to the swing arm to optimize feeding. The low feeding point with a height of only 2.2 meters enables customers to fill the hopper via conveyor belt, forklift, or by hand. All WKS shredding machines are suitable to be run as a stand-alone solution or as part of a multiple-stage plant — a plastic recycling line including an extrusion system, for example.


      Inspection flap-- Easy access to shredding chamber for preventative maintenance and cleaning

      Inspektionsklappe Shredder Rotor
      Rotor mit Vautidschutz

      WKS rotor with vautid coverings


      Hinge technology

      Schieber Shredder Rotor
      Aussenansicht Schieber Schwinge WKS

      Swing ram on rolls

      Technical data

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      • Rotor Diameter (mm)
      • Rotor length (mm)
      • Rotor Speed (rpm)
      • Power (kW)
      • Rotor Knives
      • Available knife sizes (mm)
      • Fraction size (mm)
      • Deliver feed (mm)
      • Length (mm)
      • Width (mm)
      • Height (mm)
      • Weight (approx. kg)
      • Wall thickness (mm)
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