PUEHLER G.300 Duo ReWork

High-end dual drainage press for ReWork applications
PUEHLER G.300 ReWork

The use of machines in the ReWork process places high demands on quality, machine safety and hygiene standards. For this reason, we have developed drainage presses specially optimized for ReWork applications, which are HACCP-compliant and achieve the highest material throughput rates with maximum reliability. With a production of 300 mm pellets the PUEHLER G.300 Duo ReWork achieves an output of up to 22 m³ material per hour.


Discharge into container or tipping trough without the use of a conveyor belt

ReWork presses achieve increased discharge height due to the curved discharge tube. Depending on requirements, the discharge tube can be extended up to five meters. This allows the material to be discharged directly into a container or tipping trough without the use of a conveyor belt.


Easy control of your ReWork line with PROFINET and Siemens PLC Control

The high-quality Siemens PLC control can be operated intuitively via the touch display. Parameters such as the pressing time, pressing force or the re-pressing function can be adjusted quickly and flexibly. Upstream and downstream processes can also be conveniently controlled via networking in the PROFINET system. This means that you always have your entire ReWork process safely and efficiently under control.


Clean, dimensionally stable discs through slide plate

To produce highly compacted, almost dry discs, the material is pressed between the press ram and a slide plate. This can be moved up and down hydraulically. As soon as the disc is produced, the slide plate moves upwards and exposes the discharge pipe. Consequently, a particularly high degree of compaction is achieved at maximum throughput. The solid mechanical design is extremely maintenance-friendly and resistant to impurities as well as wear.


Large hopper for more buffer volume

The hopper, into which the material to be drained is fed either manually, via a conveyor belt, or with a lifting and tipping device, can be selected in various sizes. Depending on the required buffer volume, you have the choice between 600 l, 800 l or 1,200 l. For the G.300 Duo ReWork we also offer a hopper with 2,000 l volume.

This is how the ReWork process works at Emmi. Read customer story

Easy post-cleaning for particularly clean discs

The discharge tube can be equipped with a post-cleaning device to produce cleaner discs. This rinses off any remaining product buildup from the discs. The cooling water from the oil cooling system can be used for this process.


Highest throughputs thanks to double return speed
If required, the ReWork presses can be equipped with double-pump hydraulics. This enables an increase in throughput due to the double return speed of the press stamp.

Designed for continuous operation thanks to hydraulic oil cooling

These machines are real long-distance specialists thanks to their oil cooling using the heat exchanger method. All that is needed is a water connection. Unlike conventional cooling fins, the heat exchanger is more hygienic and easier to maintain. In addition, it does not have to be cleaned. The water used can then be used to dilute the extruded material to counteract unwanted foam development.
Designed for continuous operation thanks to hydraulic oil cooling

Prevent contamination by means of a second drain pan on the discharge pipe

During recompaction, product residues can escape from the packaging and encounter packaging ink. To prevent these residues from contaminating the ReWork material, a second collecting tray is fitted under the discharge pipe. From there, the pressed-out material is drained off to the side and can then be disposed of effectively.


Minimized downtime due to fully automatic cleaning system

The integrated cleaning system cleans the drainage press automatically. Nozzles inside the machine clean the ReWork press at a rate of up to 20,000 l/h. The integrated software controls the process.


Constant material feed through horizontal agitator

If required, the feed hopper can be equipped with a horizontal agitator. This prevents material bridges from forming in the hopper – a constant material feed to the pressing process is ensured.


Hygienically flawless thanks to hygienic design
Safe and clean. Thanks to the cleanable design, WEIMA drainage presses maintain food safety, meet hygiene standards, and simplify cleaning procedures. This means that down time can be minimized.


Fluid removal optimized for ReWork thanks to level-controlled pump

The sensors in the drain pan provide information on the fill level and regulate the pumping out of the drained material. If the drian pan or connected containers are full, not only does the ReWork press switch off automatically, but the upstream processes (conveyor belt or lifting and tipping device) are also stopped. Depending on the material requirements, a screw or radial pump discharges the drained liquid directly from the drain pan. This can then be used for ReWork purposes.


Optimum adaptation to material properties through individual sieve size

he sieve that separates the ReWork mass from the packaging is configured to suit your application. The size of the outlet holes can be between four and twelve mm. Selecting the smallest possible sieve size ensures that no fines from the packaging get into your ReWork material.


Schonendes Öffnen mit justierbaren Perforierwalzen

Bei einigen Verpackungen ist es notwendig, sie bereits vor der eigentlichen Entwässerung schonend zu öffnen, um ein unkontrolliertes Aufplatzen zu vermeiden. Hierzu befinden sich innerhalb des Aufgabetrichters zwei sich zueinander drehende Perforierwalzen. Der Abstand zwischen ihnen ist frei wählbar und auf individuelle Wünsche anpassbar. Das ist besonders hilfreich bei Materialwechseln.

Did you know?

PUEHLER machines are operated with food safe hydraulic oil as standard. If required, the ReWork press can also be filled for operation with a hydraulic oil of your choice.
Did you know?

User-friendly maintenance and cleaning thanks to pre-cleaning system and maintenance hatches

The pre-cleaning system with special Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) piping provides reliable cleaning without having to dismantle the system or components. The press is cleaned via spray balls attached to the areas in contact with the product. The ReWork press can be optimally maintained and cleaned via five maintenance hatches.


Durable machine design made of high-quality stainless steel

For a long service life, machines of the G ReWork series are made of stainless steel. The machine body and the control cabinet are thus protected against heavy wear and corrosion.


Variety of applications

The ReWork presses from WEIMA drain and compress filled disposable packaging in one step. You can efficiently dewater, separate and compress beverage cans and containers, TetraPaks, yoghurt pots, spray cans, soft packaging as well as bottles and packaging made of PET. The extracted product can then be returned to the production line in a rework process step and reused profitably.

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