Scrap recycling done right: the WEIMA way!

Join us at ISRI 2024 from April 15th to 18th as WEIMA showcases its specialized shredding and compressing machines tailored for the metals industry. Designed to deliver effective size reduction, our solutions meet the demands of persistent scrap materials and ongoing production needs. With the metals industry facing diverse challenges, WEIMA offers advanced solutions to address critical concerns.


Centered on the scrap and recycling sectors, WEIMA offers a versatile range of size reduction machinery tailored to diverse needs. With a commitment to personalized solutions, WEIMA delivers equipment designed to efficiently address a variety of applications, always with the end goal in mind. Whether it's metal, paper, wood, plastic, or waste, every industry benefits from WEIMA machinery customized to meet the unique demands of each material flow.

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The WEIMA TH 1500 M

At the upcoming event in Las Vegas, WEIMA is excited to share more about the TH 1500 M briquette press. This machine is specifically engineered for transforming loose chips, turnings, or shavings into compact briquettes measuring 150mm x 60mm. The TH 1500 M is a heavy-duty, matrix-style briquetting machine designed for industrial use that can process a wide range of materials, including metal, paper, and wood into high-density briquettes. Combined with a large hopper and duo-style discharge, the TH 1500 M is equipped for efficient and continuous operation.


Why Metal Compression?

Metal compression offers a multitude of advantages, making it a highly beneficial process in metal product manufacturing. Turnings and birds nests generated during production are typically unwieldy, sharp, and challenging to manage.


However, through compression technology, these materials can be transformed into a more manageable size and shape. This not only enhances safety in handling but also optimizes storage space and streamlines the recycling or smelting process. Many recyclers prefer to receive scrap metal in its compressed form due to its reduced burn-off and increased value, underscoring the significance of metal compression in the industry.

Aluminum briquettes

Want to learn more about the WEIMA C.200? Click here! WEIMA C.200

Alongside briquetting, the WEIMA C.200 is another robust machine crafted to compress metal shavings or grinding sludge, effectively separating and reclaiming cooling lubricants, emulsions, and other oils. These retrieved liquids can then be reintegrated into the metal shaving process or sold for reuse.


More than just Compressing

Recycling metal efficiently begins with size reduction. With WEIMA machinery, like the WMS 60, shredding light metals such as aluminum, magnesium, copper, brass, bronze, and steel milling waste is easily achievable. Before undergoing further processing, bulky materials are shredded to ensure a uniform size. The WMS 60 stands out among WEIMA's machines for its efficiency in shredding light alloys for recycling or subsequent processing. Its sloped hopper allows for any cutting fluids to drain from the hopper.

A 3d rendering of a WEIMA WMS 60 single-shaft shredder

WEIMA WMS 60 single-shaft shredder

Come see us at ISRI booth #2127 from April 15th to the 18th, 2024! Sign up for ISRI 2024 here

40+ Years of Experience

With scrap material originating from diverse manufacturing processes, WEIMA brings over four decades of expertise across industries including wood, paper, plastics, packaging, and biomass. Our commitment to sustainability in manufacturing drives us to explore extraordinary possibilities. At ISRI and beyond, the WEIMA team eagerly anticipates spreading awareness about sustainable practices and innovative solutions.



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