WEIMA’s Drainage Press to be in Operation at Craft Brewers Conference 2024

trade show 10.03.2024

Prepare for a taste of cutting-edge innovation at the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America in Las Vegas, Nevada. Revolutionizing the way beverage producers handle underfilled or out-of-spec products, WEIMA, a pioneer in recycling and size reduction machinery, will showcase its game-changing E.200 drainage press machine at this highly anticipated annual event.

WEIMA will be crushing cans on the show floor at booth #2252!

The star of the show - About the WEIMA E.200

The WEIMA E.200 drainage press presents a streamlined solution for efficiently draining partially filled cans in a single step.

The E.200 enhances quality control and reduces waste by collecting rejected cans then puncturing them for compression. Once punctured and drained, this high-powered hydraulic machine compresses cans into Ø200mm discs for convenient recycling.

Learn more about the WEIMA E.200

The machine's lockable casters facilitate easy installation, reducing downtime and enabling seamless integration into existing operations. By automating the draining process for underfilled or out-of-spec cans, it eliminates manual labor, allowing employees to focus on more impactful tasks. Crucially, this technology empowers beverage manufacturers with precise control over product quality, upholding brand integrity and reinforcing consumer trust.

This innovative technology marks a significant advancement in beverage production processes. The compressed aluminum discs occupy considerably less space compared to partially filled cans, optimizing valuable floor space between trips to the recycler. To metal recyclers, the aluminum's compressed form often enhances its value, offering increased efficiency and sustainability in the recycling process.

In addition to the E.200, WEIMA offers solutions tailored for larger projects and higher production rates with the G-series machines. Featuring large overhead hoppers designed to handle substantial quantities of cans and bottles, these high-performance machines swiftly transform larger quantities of cans into portable discs with unparalleled efficiency.

For breweries and canning operations, WEIMA’s drainage press technology allows more time to focus on what matters most: sustainably creating a delicious, quality product.

Saint Arnold is one of the many breweries within the U.S. that is utilizing drainage press technology to increase sustainability and quality control while saving space, money, and time.

WEIMA will be at Craft Brewers Conference booth #2252 from April 21st to the 24th, 2024.

Stop by and say hi!

Experience the WEIMA E.200 firsthand and explore its myriad benefits for your canning line or brewing facility by visiting us at Booth #2252 during the Craft Brewers Conference at The Venetian Convention & Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 21st to the 24th 2024. The WEIMA sales team will be available to discuss how this innovative technology can enhance your operations. Don't miss live demonstrations of the machine in action throughout the show— see you at the Venetian!!



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