WLK 6 S – 20

Single-shaft shredders

The WLK 6 S, WLK 10, WLK 15, and WLK 20 single-shaft shredders are suitable for processing almost all types of plastics and paper, including hard and rugged materials. The machines can efficiently shred purge, pipes, automotive parts, blow-moulded pieces like PET/PP/PE bottles, containers, and buckets. This series is also able to shred paper, cardboard, and light metals. Customizeable parts and settings make it possible to tailor the machine to fit the application. The shredders come with either a hydraulic or electric drive. The machines can be loaded by hand or by using a conveyor or a forklift, and are ideal for integration into a two-stage system.


Extremely secure data destruction

A US-based WLK 10 single-shaft shredder shreds confidential documents and paper scrap in seconds.



F-Rotor für Folien und Filamente
Shredder Antrieb mit Kraftband

Powerful electromechanical drive mechanism


Two-stage shredding

An American plastic recycler shreds various types of plastic scrap (HDPE, PP, LDPE, PE, HD) with a WLK 15 shredder and a WSM 600/1000 granulator.


Robust WAP-gearbox

WAP-Getriebe WEIMA Shredder

Sustainable wood chip production

A WEIMA WLK 15 single-shaft shredder efficiently shreds plywood scrap.


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