Drainage press technology for canning lines

A drainage press can benefit every canning line in operation by maximizing labor and floor space while minimizing aluminum waste.

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Hands-off drain and compress technology for automated beverage canning lines

Drainage presses are the ideal solution for draining underfilled or out-of-spec product in one easy step. Its modular design means it can be placed next to the canning line, so the rejected cans can fall directly into the hopper of the machine. This punctures the cans so the contents can be drained into the machine's collection bin. The cans are simultaneously compressed into frisbee-shaped discs for convenient recycling.

Drainage Presses for Filled Packaging

Maximize your workforce and minimize your waste with drain and compress technology

Automated canning lines are designed to reject out-of-spec product to keep underfilled or improperly sealed cans from going to market. These rejected cans are often drained of their liquid contents by hand and tossed into a recycling bin, which takes a lot of time and space.

Adding a drainage press to a canning line frees up employees to do other, more lucrative tasks within the facility!

The E-Series drainage presses can be hand-fed or hopper-fed.

The hopper of the WEIMA drainage press can be hand-fed or batch-fed.

The contents of the out-of-spec cans are drained from the machine and into a floor drain within the facility.

Compressed aluminum cans are easy to recycle.

Compressed aluminum cans are easy to store and recycle.

Drainage presses collect rejected, filled aluminum cans in an enclosed hopper and compress them, allowing the liquid to drain. The compacted aluminum discs are discharged via a chute for convenient storage and easy recycling.

Did you know? Other hopper designs are available by request!

For higher volume operations

The machine you saw at KHS is a WEIMA E.200. This powerhouse of a machine is the smaller of the two drainage press machines that WEIMA manufactures. For more volume per hour, the WEIMA G Series may make more sense. The WEIMA G.200 creates compressed discs with a diameter of 200mm, and the G.300 creates discs with a 300mm diameter. These machines utilize the same operating principles and may be right for operations needing higher throughput.

E.200 Machine Page

G.200 Machine Page

G.300 Machine Page

Compress your waste, save some space!

Floor space is precious in production facilities and brewhouses-- don't waste it on gaylords of empty aluminum cans waiting to be sent to a recycler. Compress them into discs for a space-saving storage solution and/or recycle more at once.

This is just another way brewing companies and canning lines can maximize ROI with drain-and-compress technology.

Compressed aluminum beer cans

Don't just take our word for it!

Fiddlehead Brewing Co., located in Shelburne, Vermont, has seen the benefits of a drainage press from WEIMA firsthand. Its commitment to the environment, as well as its desire to maximize its workforce's many talents, led this brewhouse to integrate a PUEHLER E.200 from WEIMA into its existing automated canning line.

Fiddlehead fully understands the importance of protecting its brand's strong reputation by ensuring that no out-of-spec product makes it to market or to a landfill.

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