Optimizing Production: The Role of WEIMA Drainages Presses in Canning Lines

WEIMA drainage presses are the industry standard for draining and compressing empty or filled beverage cans. Compacting is a necessary step for every canning line, as it saves space, time, and money. It’s also the first step in recycling the aluminum cans for further use.

Enhancing Efficiency: Integrating Drainage Presses into Canning Lines

Automated canning lines are engineered to identify and reject products that don't meet specifications, preventing underfilled or improperly sealed cans from reaching the market. Typically, these rejected cans need to be manually drained of their contents and discarded into recycling bins, a process that consumes significant time and space.

Integrating a drainage press into a canning line enables employees to allocate their time to more productive tasks within the facility, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Variety for any Canning Line

At WEIMA, we offer solutions tailored to every production scale. The E.200 is designed for hand-fed operations, delivering the same robust performance as our larger machines. For high-volume production, our popular G.200 drainage press is the go-to choice, capable of handling large quantities of rejects and out-of-spec cans. With an impressive processing capacity of up to 4.2 m³ material per hour, the G.200 efficiently compresses materials into convenient 200 mm diameter discs, while removing up to 99% of the fluid.

E.200 Drainage Press

Streamlining Waste Disposal in Canning Lines

WEIMA’s drainage presses offer a seamless solution for handling underfilled or out-of-spec products. With a modular design, they can be conveniently positioned alongside the canning line, allowing rejected cans to drop directly into the press's hopper. The cans are punctured and the liquid inside is then directed into a drip pan for easy cleanup and potential reuse. Additionally, the pressing mechanism compresses the cans into compact discs, which makes them easier to store on-site prior to recycling the valuable aluminum.

This innovative technology marks a significant advancement in beverage production processes. The compressed aluminum discs occupy considerably less space compared to partially filled cans, optimizing valuable floor space between trips to the recycler. To metal recyclers, the aluminum's compressed form often enhances its value, offering increased efficiency and sustainability in the recycling process.

G.200 Drainage Press

Silver G.200 drainage press is in operation within a production hall.

Benefits of drainage press technology

  • Save space while storing out-of-spec cans for destruction
  • Mounted on lockable casters for easy installation into existing operations
  • Maximize workforce through automated can draining
  • Maintain quality control of what product goes to market
  • Increase value of recyclable aluminum through compression
  • Easy control during operation thanks to touchscreen PLC

For breweries and canning operations, drainage press technology allows more time to focus on what really matters: creating a delicious, quality product.

Compress your waste, save some space!

Floor space is precious in production facilities and brewhouses-- don't waste it on gaylords of empty aluminum cans waiting to be sent to a recycler. Compress them into discs for a space-saving storage solution and/or recycle more at once.

This is just another way brewing companies and canning lines can maximize ROI with drain-and-compress technology.

Need proof? Check out what our customers have to say about it!

Spotlight - Fiddlehead Brewing Co.

Fiddehead Brewing Co., nestled in Shelburne, Vermont, has experienced the transformative impact of WEIMA's drainage press. Driven by a commitment to environmental sustainability and a desire to optimize its workforce's capabilities, the brewery seamlessly incorporated a WEIMA E.200 into its automated canning line.

Recognizing the importance of protecting its brand's esteemed reputation, Fiddlehead diligently ensures that no out-of-spec products reach the market or end up in landfills—a testament to their commitment to quality and sustainability.

Spotlight - OeTTINGER Brewery

The world-famous OeTTINGER Brewery from Bavaria is one of those companies that doesn't have to advertise sustainability – that's where you live it. WEIMA's drainage press compresses beer cans, operated at several locations, to conveniently dewater and compact residual materials in a single step. The challenge here is huge production volumes, but the G-Series drainage press is up for the challenge!

Read the full story here!

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