Destroy Responsibly™ Program Returns to IWF Atlanta

WEIMA is set to make a substantial impact at this year's IWF Atlanta exhibition, featuring a prominent display of the WLK 15 single-shaft shredder as part of the renowned Destroy Responsibly™ program! This program was originally launched at this event in 2008. WEIMA is committed to highlighting the advantages of wood shredding and advancing the future of sustainability, demonstrating cutting-edge solutions that can benefit wood shops of all sizes.


Destroy Responsibly™ Program Returns to the East Coast

The Destroy Responsibly™ initiative was the brainchild of WEIMA over a decade ago, and the program made its debut at IWF Atlanta show in 2008. This innovative program was introduced to mitigate the environmental footprint associated with large exhibitions, specifically when it came to hauling off demonstration scrap once the show was over.

Often, machinery demonstrations at trade shows generate substantial waste that is disposed of post-event. WEIMA intervened by diverting a portion of this wood waste from landfills, offering it a second life through responsible recycling practices.


Big Machine Big Purpose

WEIMA is committed to its Destroy Responsibly™ program, showcasing a WL(K) 15 single-shaft shredder equipped with a V-rotor to tackle all wood waste generated at the show. Throughout the event, dedicated workers will collect all wood scrap, providing attendees and exhibitors a front-row seat to the recycling process.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the shredding system near the B-C Connector of the Georgia World Congress Center. Shredded wood will be diverted from a landfill, thus contributing to sustainable practices, and reducing waste.

About this machine

A red shredder machine is connected to an infeed and discharge conveyor. Pieces of wood waste are on the infeed conveyor. A black bin waits at the end of the discharge conveyor to collect the shredded material.

The Destroy Responsibly (TM) program is set up behind the tradeshow facility.

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Benefits of Adding a Shredder

Moving bulky waste around a plant is time consuming and unnecessarily laborious. Positioning a shredder alongside machinery that generates wood waste can free up your employees to focus on more productive tasks within your operation. For instance, smaller machines like those showcased in the WEIMA booth (#B7149) can be strategically placed next to ripsaws, CNC machines, and routers. The WEIMA WL(K) 15 single-shaft shredder used in the Destroy Responsibly™ program exemplifies the advantages of a larger, centralized shredding location for managing bulky waste effectively.

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