Go Red to Go Green at IWF 2018

The International Woodworking Fair is held biannually in Atlanta, Georgia. WEIMA is excited to exhibit in not one but TWO booths-- one for shredding (#5768) and one for briquetting (#8129).

shredded woodWEIMA is happy to be doing our part in making the world a “greener” place to live. With our intelligent wood shredding and briquetting technologies, we find ways to transform waste materials into reusable goods or utilize it as an alternative form of energy. By shredding and/or briquetting wood, we can more easily transport, sort, clean and dispose of materials in a way that potentially saves an operation money while reducing its environmental footprint. At IWF 2018, exhibitors can see the possibilities and talk one-on-one with a shredding expert to come up with a plan to handle scrap efficiently and cost-effectively.


WEIMA offers an extensive line of shredding equipment to process various forms of wood, including hard woods, soft woods, MDF, particle board, and many others.


With decades of experience under our belt, we take a comprehensive look at your operation– from where the machine will be located inside a plant to how the material will be fed into the machine and discharged once it’s been shredded. With such individualized requirements, there are NO standard solutions.  WEIMA machines can be customized and configured with special rotor designs, a variety of cutters as well as alternative pressing devices. There are also vertical and horizontal in-feed designs available based on the shape of the material that’s being processed.

horizontal infeed conveyor with rippings

Shredders come with a few options for discharging the shredded scrap. It can be conveyed, pneumatically discharged, or moved to its intended location via screw auger. Determining which discharge is right for you has to do with the machine’s location inside a facility and the intended destination of the material. This kind of automation allows for employees to spend valuable time in other areas of the day-to-day operations, instead of moving scrap from place to place.

The potential financial benefits of shredding are not to be understated, especially when it comes to costly scrap disposal. If an operation is paying by the truck load to dispose of manufacturing waste, the price tag can be substantial. Shredding the material decreases the number of trucks that are leaving a facility each week, saving money and time.

Find out which wood shredder would be ideal for your operation by stopping by the WEIMA booth (#5768) at IWF 2018!


Briquetting wood shavings and dust allows an operation to increase safety while cutting back on costly disposal fees.


By briquetting dust and shavings, volumes can be reduced by up to 90%. This creates a significant savings on disposal costs, especially when an operation pays for removal by the truckload. Fewer trucks means more savings. Compact briquettes also create an easier way to transport and store material for later use as a heat source or simply for more convenient disposal.

wood briquette press

Depending on the desired throughput and intended purpose, the machines can be set up in multiple configurations including single, duo, trio and even quartro press models. Multiple sized round briquettes as well as a square briquette option is available. These low maintenance machines can be easily integrated into your existing production line or waste removal system.

Keeping your operation safe is of the utmost importance, especially in very dusty environments. Briquetting flammable waste materials– such as fine dust particles that are often created during the manufacturing process– is an effective and cost-efficient way to handle dangerous dust. Briquetting eliminates the dust from the air and the mess created when removing dust collection bags, further reducing the risk of sparks or fire. WEIMA briquette presses can process a variety of materials without the use of a binding agent. Therefore, it burns without the risk of any chemicals or contamination.

Want to know which machine is the right fit for you? WEIMA will be exhibiting at IWF 2018 in booths #5768 and #8129 (IWF floor plan). The size reduction manufacturer will have a single-shaft shredder in operation on the show floor in booth #5768, as well as horizontal grinder models. In booth #8129, show-goers can view two of WEIMA’s most popular briquette presses, used for compacting a variety of chips, shavings, and dust.for more info on the show, visit IWFatlanta.com


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