WEIMA Introduces New Granulator Series to Size Reduction Line

WEIMA is pleased to announce the addition of the WEIMA LM/SM-Series and NZ-Series granulators to their extensive line of size reduction equipment.

Customers can expect to see the same German engineering that has made WEIMA’s shredders excellent carry through into their line of granulators.

The WEIMA granulators have exceeded expectations within two-stage system setups, where a shredder is placed before a granulator. This setup, traditionally done with an NZ-Series granulator, is ideal for many customers and prevents those customers from buying oversized granulators just because they have large pieces of scrap.

“Too often I see customers spend more money than they need to spend on granulators that are much larger than their application requires. Why? Because their scrap is too large to fit in a smaller granulator,” said Madison Burt, WEIMA America’s Vice President of Sales. “This could be rectified by the purchase of a small pre-shredder and a smaller granulator, saving the customer money and a lot of headaches in the long run.”

Since the WEIMA granulators will now be manufactured in-house, the size reduction company will have the ability to tackle those applications that only require a granulator and do not require a pre-shredder for initial size reduction. That’s where the LM/SM-Series comes in.

The LM/SM Granulator Series boasts a number of innovative features. The machines come standard with adjustable knives and cross-cut action, which produces a very uniform granulate size. The cutting chamber is easy to access and makes preventative maintenance and cleaning more efficient, thus reducing any down time.

A customer can specify the desired particle size of the shredded material and WEIMA can customize the granulator with the correct screen size to make that possible. Screen sizes range from 3mm to 50mm, making this line of equipment both versatile and reliable.

WEIMA customers that have experienced the manufacturer’s excellent sales and service can now fulfill all their size reduction needs in one place. This is just another example of WEIMA embodying what it means to be on the cutting edge of innovation.

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