WEIMA Group Expands Size Reduction Machinery Line

July 7, 2020

For forty years, WEIMA has been committed to solving the world’s waste challenges through shredding and briquetting technology. It is for this reason that the addition of the PÜHLER size reduction line to the WEIMA’s repertoire of machinery makes so much sense.

The WEIMA Group is excited to bring the time-honored PÜHLER brand to the North American market! The addition of this type of machinery allows WEIMA to offer manufacturing operations more options and greater flexibility in reaching their sustainability goals without breaking the bank.

PÜHLER machinery

PÜHLER EVP and HEP press next to each other

An opportunity for growth

For decades, WEIMA has set out with one mission in mind: creating a world without waste. While some scrap is inevitable in most production operations, finding a way to reuse, recycle or reintegrate that discarded material back into the production process.

WEIMA machines benefit a variety of industries including the paper, plastic, wood, biomass, municipal solid waste, corrugate, nonwovens, and metal industries. For this reason, the manufacturer recognizes that scrap comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Having a variety of machines to meet the needs of these industries is of the utmost important in WEIMA’s efforts to bring sustainability to production plants worldwide.

A new type of size reduction machinery

PÜHLER Press Systems is a specialist for drainage and compression technology in the beverage and food industry. These press systems are wear-resistant and are used around the globe to press out and recycle fluid, packaging waste and labels. Reclaim or dispose of excess fluid and recycle, reuse, or smelt the remaining packaging material. Essentially, companies can use a PÜHLER press to easily recycle their own scrap material instead of paying a third party to do it for them.

“This line of machinery, though it goes under a separate brand name, aligns perfectly with what WEIMA does best. Many industries need size reduction technology, and adding the PÜHLER presses to our offerings will allow us to help operations in more industries reach their sustainability and productivity goals,” said Madison Burt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for WEIMA America, Inc. “We are excited to expand our knowledge of recycling to include industries like the food and beverage industry, among others.”

T.J. Van Thullenar

T.J. Van Thullenar, Business Development for Puehler Press Systems in North America

New brand, same great team

With new markets to explore in the United States and Canada, WEIMA America, Inc. has added T.J. Van Thullenar to the team! Van Thullenar is joining the team as Business Development for the North American market but will work hand in hand with the WEIMA America team, based out of Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Also working alongside Van Thullenar will be Mike Wanthal, WEIMA America’s briquette press sales manager. Wanthal has significant experience with both the metals industry as well as briquetting technology. The pair will be working closely to identify ideal markets for this type of pressing machinery and waste streams that could greatly benefit from size reduction.

PÜHLER customers will also benefit from the same exceptional engineering and design teams at WEIMA. Customers will also have access to the on-site parts and service departments for technical support and preventative maintenance needs.

The brand officially launched in North America on July 1, 2020.

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