WEIMA Brings Something for Everyone to IWF 2016

WEIMA America, a long-time exhibitor at the International Woodworking Fair (IWF), will be returning with more machines in tow than in years past.

The machines will vary in size, demonstrating WEIMA’s vast range of solutions for the wood industry. In their booth (#7572) they will showcase a size reduction solution for wood waste. Less frequent removal of wood waste from a facility can save companies money over time. The investment is a no-brainer!

“The market is still getting back to where it was before the housing crash of 2008. As housing construction increases, we’re seeing more demand for wood shredders due to the overwhelming need for waste removal at a more affordable cost,” said Madison Burt, VP of Sales for WEIMA America.

The company will feature four machines ranging in size from the WLK4 single-shaft hopper fed shredder all the way up to the WLK13. Hopper-fed shredders are ideal for end cuts, blocks, and other non-linear wood waste. But the size reduction giant will also bring with them two sizes of horizontal wood shredders, which are ideal for linear wood waste like rippings and skeletons. Attendees will also be able to see and interact with a new touch-screen control panel while on the show floor.

“Every operation has different requirements, and we want to come prepared to meet them all,” said Burt.

Size reduction doesn’t only entail shredding and grinding of wood waste, but can also include the briquetting of dust, chips, and shavings. WEIMA briquette presses compact the material using hydraulic pressure without adhesives, minimizing disposal costs and maximizing profits. Since no binder is used to hold the briquettes together, they are often able to be safely burned in certain plants as boiler fuel.

WEIMA will have a TH1500M Briquette Press on the show floor for attendees to observe.

The International Woodworking Fair will be held once again in Atlanta, Georgia on August 24th-27th. WEIMA will be exhibiting in Building B at booth #7572.

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