WEIMA at PRC 2023

Come learn about WEIMA's size reduction machinery and how it's impacting the plastics industry at booth #415.

Professionals from the plastics recycling industry will convene in National Harbor, Maryland, for the 2023 Plastics Recycling Conference on March 6th - 8th. The WEIMA team welcomes attendees to stop by to learn more about how WEIMA size reduction machinery is impacting this industry in a big, big way!

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As new types of plastics are developed, the recycling processes for those compounds must also evolve. WEIMA recognizes this and strives to meet this challenge. Each year at the Plastics Recycling Conference, the WEIMA team gets the opportunity to tell attendees and fellow exhibitors about the newest recycling solutions that have been developed to meet the growing list of plastic applications.


Single-shaft shredders for the plastics industry

WEIMA offers robust shredders that can process PE, PP, PVC, PS, PU and PET, among others. With a variety of rotor geometries and knife variations, WEIMA is up for the challenge of processing plastic scrap of all kinds.

These machines range in size from compact to extremely large, making it possible to process small input materials or large pieces. One size does not fit all at WEIMA-- finding the right machine for the application is key.

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Two-stage shredding systems for further processing

Shredder/granulator combinations are extremely common in the plastics industry, most notably when a plastic application needs to be taken down to a very small particle size. Often, companies (specifically recyclers) want to take a large piece of scrap directly into a granulator. These pieces may not fit in the infeed opening of a granulator and may need to be pre-cut to do so. Doing this manually is inefficient and shredding large pieces to a small particle size is hard on the machinery. Pre-shredding these pieces in a single-shaft shredder is a great option.

A plastic recycler recently commissioned its second WEIMA industrial shredder to maximize its plastic recycling capabilities. Learn more about this new machinery line and why Butler-MacDonald chose WEIMA as its recycling partner! Read customer story

Compression machinery for packaging

The packaging industry has seen an uptick in production in recent years. Much of this packaging is created from plastic products-- film, clamshells, bottles, and bubble wrap to name a few. The recycling processes for each of these products is different, but when it comes to filled containers, the PUEHLER E.200 by WEIMA is the perfect option to drain the contents and compress the packaging in one easy step.

Compressing filled packaging


See you on the show floor

Learn about all these products (and more!) by visiting the WEIMA America, Inc. booth #415 at the Plastics Recycling Conference. With custom machinery and a wealth of engineering knowledge, the WEIMA sales team would welcome the opportunity to develop a size reduction system for plastic recycling operations, no matter the application!