Veterans make WEIMA great!

The WEIMA America workforce is our best asset. We know that the richness of our employees’ experiences, combined with their expertise and education, are what makes our staff qualified, competent, and unique.

The members of the WEIMA America team who have served in the United States Armed Forces add something to the workplace environment that stems from their military training.

WEIMA is happy to hire veterans from all branches of the Armed Forces. The set of skills each of them brings to the team include leadership, decisiveness, collaboration, and cooperation. They also come from various fields of study including engineering, machining, fabricating, mechanics, electrical fields, and more. Their ability to think clearly and overcome challenges has absolutely been paramount in maintaining momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Thank you to the military veterans that make WEIMA an incredible place to work:

Charles Furches
US Marine Corps, Seargeant
WEIMA Shop Technician

Brian Brown
US Army, E4 Specialist
WEIMA Project Manager

Bradley Tipton
US Air Force, Senior Airman
WEIMA Project Manager

Jeffrey Martin
US Navy, AT-3
WEIMA Traveling Technician

We honor your service and sacrifice. We’re glad you’re here with us!

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