The State of Recycling: WEIMA sponsors Recycling Day at the SC Statehouse

news Fort Mill, 02.20.2022

Recycling professionals, environmental allies, non-profit organizations, and industry associations convened in early February in Columbia, South Carolina, for Recycling Day at the Statehouse. On hand to meet legislators on behalf of WEIMA were Madison Burt, CEO, and Jeremy Boggs, National Sales Manager.

There's no place like home (for recycling)

Recycling Day at the Statehouse was held during the state's annual legislative session on February 9th in Columbia, South Carolina. This event highlighted the complex topics within the recycling sectors and allowed attendees to discuss specific environmental issues with lawmakers face to face. WEIMA America, located in Fort Mill, South Carolina, brought expertise to the room and served as a reference point during these vital conversations.

Jeremy Boggs and Madison Burt pose in front of a map of SC recycling companies and sponsors of the event

Jeremy Boggs (left) and Madison Burt (right)

Key legislators in attendance included House Speaker Pro Tempore Tommy Pope; House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Chair, David Hiott; House K-12 Education Subcommittee Chair, Raye Felder; and House Majority Whip, Brandon Newton. The program was coordinated by the Carolina Recycling Association in conjunction with the Southeast Recycling Development Council and the South Carolina Department of Commerce.

As a sponsor of this event, WEIMA delegates got the opportunity to discuss relevant issues that directly affect South Carolinians and the greater United States. Legislators were allowed to ask recycling professionals questions to make more informed and intellectual decisions regarding the recycling infrastructure within the state. WEIMA's American headquarters is located in South Carolina, making this all the more relevant.

WEIMA America location Fot MIll in the morning hours

WEIMA America in Fort Mill, SC, USA

"It's good to have open discussions with our representatives about the growing industries associated with recycling. Some of the decisions they make on Capitol Hill directly affect many of our customers and the recycling industry as a whole."

Madison Burt, CEO of WEIMA America, Inc.

Legislators learned about how WEIMA equipment helps businesses and communities reduce their environmental impact and save landfill space, as well as creates jobs in South Carolina. They also discussed concerns about issues related to environmental protection, waste disposal, and industrial development in the communities they represent in the state's General Assembly.

Many of the legislators expressed concerns about the future of waste management and learned how WEIMA products and technologies can provide effective solutions. While there aren't any major bills related to recycling currently before legislators, some of the legislators said these issues come up regularly and appreciate the insights of the WEIMA team.

The lobby of the SC Statehouse is full of people discussing relevant recycling issues

The lobby of the SC Statehouse was full of people having meaningful conversations about recycling in SC.

According to the leadership of the Carolinas Recycling Association, this year's event had the largest turnout of legislators of any they've held at the Statehouse, with 22 out of 170 in attendance. This points to greater interest by legislators in learning about recycling and industrial waste reduction. The WEIMA team is optimistic about the uptick in recycling initiatives nationwide and is thrilled to be a part of that important process both now and long into the future.



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