Spotlight on the TH800M: Metal Briquetting with WEIMA

machine details August 3, 2020

Are you getting the real value for your scrap? How do you know that your scrap recycler is paying you for what they are hauling away? Tired of spending money each month to replace coolant that leaves with your swarf? Too many machine shops are losing money right out their back door. Metal briquetting with WEIMA can help you with all these problems and more.

As manufacturers are pushed harder every year to reduce piece costs, companies need to look at every aspect of their manufacturing process to recover any money. One way to do this is by briquetting your scrap material before having it picked up by a recycling company. WEIMA briquette presses work to reduce the volume of your scrap material by increasing its density. This allows end users to fit more material in a single hopper which reduces haul charges.

WEIMA briquette presses create briquettes in various shapes and dimensions.

The many benefits of metal briquetting


A briquette is more valuable to the scrap metals market than loose metal scrap. By increasing the density of the briquette, several things occur. Residual moisture, or coolant carry-out, is reclaimed and can be reused in the manufacturing process. This reclamation can be up to 95 percent of the residual moisture in the swarf. The briquetted material can be sold for a higher price per pound, as it requires less energy to re-melt. For this reason, the conversion rate is increased drastically. WEIMA end users have seen as much as a $0.40 per pound increase in their scrap value for aluminum chips when briquetted versus loose chips. It also provides the end user with a better idea of scrap weight since all contaminants have been removed prior to going to the recycler.


The WEIMA TH800M is ideal for briquetting aluminum, steel, stainless and various other metal swarf.

Automated for round-the-clock reclaim


The WEIMA TH800M briquette press uses a PLC-controlled hydraulic system and motors to provide excellent briquetting and production capabilities.

Utilizing a 250 bar (3,600 psi) hydraulic pump, which develops over 120 tons of briquetting force, the TH800M can briquette the toughest materials including aluminum, steel, stainless and various other metal swarf. The TH800M is rated for production rates of up to 3,000 pounds per hour depending on material type. What results at the end of the process is a well-formed metal briquette with a diameter of 80 mm. The cutting fluid or coolant that is pressed out of the briquette drains into the pan below, making fluid recovery a breeze. The TH800M is designed to operate in the typical 24/7/365 shop environment of today’s manufacturers and is the larger of the two models in this line.

For operations with lower throughput needs, WEIMA also offers a smaller version of this briquette press called the TH600M. Either machine can be loaded and can run unattended, making it possible for manufacturers to keep doing what they do best: manufacturing important products.


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