Small wood shredders are making woodworkers more efficient

Moving wood scrap across an operation to a centralized storage or shredding location is often time consuming and labor intensive. Plainly stated: it's inefficient. Woodworking shops across the world are seeing the benefits of strategically-placed, smaller wood shredders.

Location, location, location


Wood waste comes in many shapes, sizes, and types. While a large centralized shredder within a plant can be effective, many woodworkers are seeing success with multiple smaller shredders placed strategically around a shop. Positioning small, powerful wood shredders directly next to machinery that creates wood waste eliminates the need to transport the scrap. Instead of allowing scrap to pile up next to a CNC machine or a rip saw, directly transporting the wood waste immediately into a shredder eliminates the need to touch that scrap. These shredders, like the larger models within the WLK single-shaft shredders series, can be automated further via conveyors, air systems, and screw auger discharge options.

“When it comes to recycling wood waste, the remote positioning of a ‘catch-all’ single-shaft shredder within a woodworking facility is not always the best option,” said Madison Burt, Vice President of Sales for WEIMA America, Inc. in a recent press release. “It’s all about the layout of the operation and sizing equipment to meet the customer’s goals first and foremost. Locating a smaller shredder next to the machines that are generating scrap can free up employees from moving bulky waste from one part of the facility to a remote shredding station.”

Disposal costs are frequently reduced when wood waste is shredded. Dumpster space is valuable when paying by the dumpster and shredding bulky waste maximizes space inside those dumpsters. Minimizing the number of dumpsters being hauled away each month can be beneficial to the bottom line.

Spotlight on the WEIMA Woodchuck


In the same way that time is valuable, so is space. The Woodchuck‘s small footprint makes it ideal for operations with multiple machining centers. Woodchucks are hopper-fed shredders that are ideal for shredding panel scrap, MDF, particleboard, and softer woods. The rotor design incorporates cutting knives that are bolted into welded knife holders. This makes preventative maintenance and cleaning much easier.

WEIMA also offers a similar machine in a higher horsepower option to accommodate solid wood waste efficiently.

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