Small Shredders, Big Impact — Reflections from AWFS Fair 2019

The WEIMA team has returned from the Association of Woodworking Furniture Suppliers (AWFS) Fair in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a reignited passion for wood waste shredding. The WEIMA booth was filled with machinery, but one trend stuck out among the rest — small wood shredders are the hot ticket in wood waste recycling.

Since 2011, both WEIMA and the economy have seen tremendous growth. Unemployment is low in the United States, which requires an “all hands on deck” mentality at work. Employers know that their greatest asset is their workforce. An employee’s time is valuable, and the proper positioning of a shredder within an operation can maximize that precious asset.

Location is key. Time is money.

“When it comes to recycling wood waste, the remote positioning of a ‘catch-all’ single-shaft shredder within a woodworking facility is not always the best option,” said Madison Burt, Vice President of Sales for WEIMA America, Inc. “It’s all about the layout of the operation and sizing equipment to meet the customer’s goals first and foremost.”

“Locating a smaller shredder next to the machines that are generating scrap can free up employees from moving bulky waste from one part of the facility to a remote shredding station,” Burt continued. “With labor costs on the rise and a competitive job market at play, employers are seeing the need to better utilize the talents of their workforce. We saw an increase in demand for small-to-medium-sized shredders at this tradeshow for this reason.”

Recycling wood scrap can be environmentally beneficial and profitable.

Strategically placed WEIMA wood shredders can increase production rates, especially by conveying wood scrap away from CNC machines or rip saws directly into a shredder, for example. The shredder can be continuously fed with wood pieces without employees having to handle the scrap. The shredded material can then be discharged using a conveyor, screw auger, or air system into a dumpster or truck to be hauled away. Automated systems like these free up an operation’s workforce to do more productive things while reducing disposal costs.

WEIMA Woodchuck

WEIMA Woodchuck

In demand: the WEIMA Woodchuck.

The most popular WEIMA machine on the AWFS Fair show floor this year was the Woodchuck. This single-shaft shredder is the smallest the manufacturer offers, which makes it ideal for operations with multiple machining centers. The WEIMA team saw companies purchase multiple Woodchuck shredders for the very purpose of placing them throughout their operations.

“It’s exciting to see that smaller wood shops are beginning to understand the value of green technology. Recycling is accessible and doable for wood shops of all sizes, and it can even be lucrative,” said Audrey Brewer, Marketing Manager for WEIMA America, Inc. “This is what we wanted to demonstrate at the AWFS Fair, and we were thrilled that this resonated with show-goers.”

Woodchucks are hopper-fed shredders that are ideal for shredding panel scrap. The rotor design incorporates cutting knives that are bolted into welded knife holders. This robust design allows for reliable and consistent shredding as well as easy cleaning and preventative maintenance, making the Woodchuck an ideal shredder for any small- or medium-sized wood shop.

WEIMA is looking forward to returning to exhibit at the AWFS Fair 2021.

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