WLK Jumbo / Super Jumbo

Single-shaft shredders for extreme applications

The WLK Jumbo and Super Jumbo shredders are for the most extreme of applications. This machine line boasts stability, functionality, consistent throughput, and availability. A variety of sizes and options guarantees customer-specific solutions for almost all applications. This line of machines boasts extremely robust construction and almost endless capabilities for the shredding of scrap. There are over 80 optional features, making this a customizable shredding solution for almost any application.


Film recycling in the USA

At the Fiberon plant, two WEIMA single-shaft WLK 25 Super Jumbo shredders and a WLK 18 Jumbo shred film waste, which is then processed into granulate with the help of an EREMA extrusion line.


WLK Super Jumbo rotor with 700 mm rotor diameter

Shredder Rotor mit Schneidmessern
Hydraulischer Antrieb eines Shredders

Powerful hydraulic drive


XXL Shredders

The WEIMA WLK 30 Super Jumbo plastic shredders shred large PE plastic pipes in seconds. The material is then granulated in an extruder. The cycle is complete!


PLC-control panel with intuitive touch-screen controls

SPS-Steuerung Touchscreen Shredder
Shredder Getriebe Antrieb

Robust WEIMA WAP-gearbox


Paper shredding on a grand scale

A WEIMA WLK 18 Jumbo shreds paper and cardboard. This is the first step in paper recycling.


The lift-up screen basket makes preventative maintenance and cleaning a breeze.

Shredder offener Siebkorb
Pipelife Norwegen Shredder

WLK 30 Super Jumbo


Shredders for the automotive industry

A WEIMA WLK 20 Super Jumbo single-shaft shredder shreds production waste from the automotive industry: plastic motor covers, rear window shelving units, as well as large plastic drums. Once shredded, these materials will be immediately granulated.

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