WLK 800 – 2000

Single-shaft shredders

The WEIMA WLK 800, WLK 1000, WLK 1500 and WLK 2000 are designed for high throughput rates and lend themselves to the shredding of almost all types of plastic. Purge, automotive scrap, pipes, blow-molded materials (PE/PET/PP bottles, buckets, and containers), as well as paper, cardboard, and light metals. You can load these machines with a forklift, by hand, or by using an infeed conveyor, and they come equipped with either an electrical or hydraulic drive.

Big Bag shredding and recycling in Romania.

A WLK 1500 single-shaft shredder shreds Big Bags. An EREMA Intarema Extruder further reduces the shredded Big Bags into granulate.

Robust WAP-gearbox

WEIMA WAP Shredder Getriebe
Zweistufige Zerkleinerung Shredder Schneidmühle

WLK 1000 and WNZ granulator

Heavy Duty

WEIMA’s WLK 1500 single-shaft shredder shreds pipes that were reinforced with fiberglass.

F-Rotor with vautid covering and wear pads

F-Rotor mit Vautidmantel

Pallet waste disposal at the highest level

A powerful WEIMA WLK 1500 single-shaft shredder shreds used wood pallets and woodwaste in a matter of seconds. A metal detector separates out nails and screws. Afterwards, the WEIMA TH 1500 Duo briquette press produces high-density wood briquettes from the shredded wood chips.

WLK 1000

Aramid - extreme fiber shredding

WEIMA’s new single-shaft shredder, the WLK 800, shreds aramid fibers.

WEIMA WLK 1000 screen basket

Shredder Sieb WLK 1000
A WLK 1000 single-shaft shredder with a hydraulic drive shreds paper waste (secure documents) in a truck.


Samples of our shredded materials