NPE2024: Plastic Recycling in Focus

NPE2024, the premiere event for the plastics industry, is right around the corner and WEIMA is hoping to see you there!

As a leading provider of size reduction machinery and systems, WEIMA is excited to demonstrate its cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of the plastics sector. At the main WEIMA booth, visitors can explore the latest advancements in plastic shredding, recycling, and waste management, all aimed at enhancing efficiency, increasing circularity, and maximizing value throughout the plastics lifecycle. WEIMA will have more employees at this show than any other show before, with English, Spanish, and Chinese speakers available.

You can’t miss WEIMA on the show floor

From compact shredders to high-capacity granulators, WEIMA has a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to address the challenges faced by plastics manufacturers, recyclers, and processors. The size reduction machinery manufacturer is bringing the WLK 10, WLK 800 F+, and WKS 2200 single-shaft shredders for display on the show floor. With two booths positioned in the main hall in the Recycling & Sustainability Solutions zone in the West Hall as well as a full line of machinery operational outside, WEIMA's presence will sure be a memorable one!

WLK 10: Versatility on Display

The WLK 10 single-shaft shredder stands out as a versatile solution for processing a wide range of plastic materials. With its robust design and V-rotor technology, this shredder efficiently tackles plastic lumps, pipes, automotive parts, PET bottles, PE/PP bottles, canisters, buckets, paper products, cardboard, and even light metals.

More about the WLK 10

The rotor of the WLK 10 is easily accessible.

WLK 800 F+: The shredder for film, fiber, and filaments

Like the WLK 10, the WLK 800 F+ is built to handle a wide range of materials, but it is focused on materials that are prone to wrapping. This shredder's hopper is designed so that it can handle large volumes of material with ease. Equipped with a hydraulically operated screen basket, the WLK 800 offers easy access for maintenance and cleaning, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

More about the WLK 800

The F+ Rotor

Its variable-speed drive system allows for precise control over the shredding process, while its durable F+ rotor—designed specifically to process film, fiber, and filaments—ensures consistent performance and reliability while preventing material wrapping. The WLK 800 F+ is the ideal solution for businesses looking to optimize their material processing operations and maximize productivity.

An Official Recycler of NPE2024

WEIMA, renowned for its size reduction equipment, is set to demonstrate its innovation and expertise at NPE2024 as an Official Recycler of the event. WEIMA's presence promises an immersive experience for visitors, as attendees will witness WEIMA shredders and granulators in action.
An Official Recycler of NPE2024

Outside the main hall, a WEIMA WLK 15 single-shaft shredder and two LM 600/1000 granulators will be operational as part of WEIMA’s Destroy ResponsiblyTM program. At NPE2024, WEIMA’s size-reduction machinery will be shredding plastic scrap in real time in the Recycling Zone behind West Hall. The material will then be transported off-site and reintroduced into plastic production processes by Commercial Plastics Recycling, Inc. The goal is simple—WEIMA and the other Official Recyclers who are participating in this program are aiming to recycle 100% of the plastic scrap generated on the show floor in 2024!

By emphasizing sustainability and resource conservation, the Destroy ResponsiblyTM program aims to reiterate the significance of practical and environmental waste management options within the plastics industry. Through its showcased solutions, WEIMA endeavors to empower businesses to optimize recycling endeavors, aligning with the broader goals of promoting environmental stewardship and circular economy practices.

Alternative Options for Size Reduction: Compression!

While shredding remains WEIMA's core focus within the plastics industry, its expertise extends to draining and compressing processes as well. Size reduction through compression plays a crucial role in facilitating transportation of bulky goods and resale of valuable materials for reintegration.

WEIMA boasts a diverse range of briquetting, packaging, and drainage presses, offering comprehensive solutions for waste management. The range of compression machinery excels in converting surplus waste into valuable forms. WEIMA’s compression solutions for the plastics industry include the compression of shavings or swarf for the recovery of valuable cutting fluids as well as post-industrial plastic packaging and plastic fines.

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Experience the Future of Recycling with WEIMA at NPE2024!

NPE2024 isn’t just any trade show—it’s the pinnacle event in the plastic industry in North America, boasting the latest innovations and technologies. WEIMA, an Official Recycler of the show, is bringing the operation to you. Giving attendees the chance to immerse themselves in the transformative journey from waste to resource, WEIMA’s experts demonstrate the competence and value of its shredding equipment. Plus, the Destroy ResponsiblyTM program will be in effect, educating and empowering individuals and businesses to dispose of reusable resources responsibly. Join WEIMA at NPE2024 and be part of the circular movement with WEIMA!