Briquetting Cardboard and Corrugated Paper

Corrugated paper, commonly referred to as corrugated cardboard, is a packaging material comprising three layers: two flat outer sheets and a wavy inner layer known as fluting. This design offers both strength and cushioning, making it lightweight yet effective for safeguarding items during shipping. Its versatile nature makes it a popular choice for packaging boxes. However, its most significant advantage lies in its recyclability, allowing for sustainable material reuse.

Briquetting shredded cardboard and cardboard dust is easily achieved without the use of binders or glues with a WEIMA briquette press.


How does it work?

The durability of corrugated paper stems from its distinctive composition, featuring two flat layers known as liners bonded to a fluted layer in between. Corrugated paper is highly common in modern packaging and shipping industries. It is widely used across various sectors for packaging goods and materials due to its lightweight, durable, and versatile nature. Some common applications of corrugated paper include shipping boxes, E-commerce packaging, food packaging, industrial packaging, and more!

Shredded cardboard is easily briquetted for simplified handling.


Shred First, Compress later!

Shredding corrugated material is essential for effective separation and contaminant removal, preparing it for further processing. However, traditional paper shredding often generates dust particles, posing both cleanliness and health hazards in the workplace. To mitigate these concerns, a dust collection system becomes necessary, ensuring a clean and safe environment for employees.

Integrating a WEIMA briquette press into the dust collection setup proves invaluable. The briquette press transforms the shredded material into compact briquettes, effectively consolidating the mess into a manageable form.

80 mm cardboard dust briquettes made with a WEIMA TH 814

With extensive knowledge of compression technology, WEIMA can enhance workplace safety and cleanliness in your facility. The innovative line of briquette presses from WEIMA provide effective solutions for compacting a wide range of materials into convenient briquettes, streamlining recycling and waste management processes. With customizable features tailored to various applications, these machines are built with sturdy construction and advanced technology to ensure optimal performance.


Without using any binders or glues and only hydraulic pressure, our briquettes compress paper and cardboard into dense briquettes, simplifying handling, transportation, and storage all in one step! Equipped with user-friendly controls and advanced safety measures, WEIMA's briquette presses ensure smooth operation and long-lasting reliability.

One size does NOT fit all-- WEIMA offers a range of briquette presses with various hopper sizes and discharge options!

The WEIMA C150 briquette press has a small footprint but a big impact in terms of space savings.

WEIMA TH 514 Briquette Press

WEIMA TH 1200 Briquette Press

The TH 1500 M briquette press uses a matrix to create brick-shaped briquettes.

Explore WEIMA’s full line of briquette presses for the paper industry! WEIMA Paper Briquetters

Spotlight on the WEIMA TH 714

The TH 714 from WEIMA stands out with its impressive performance metrics. Equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, it can process up to 150 kg of material per hour, making it suitable for high-volume operations in cardboard shredding plants. Its large hopper opening, and wide pressing chamber accommodate bulky materials with ease, reducing the need for manual intervention and increasing operational efficiency. Additionally, the TH 714 features a robust frame and heavy-duty components, ensuring reliable performance for a long time. This machine is just one of many that could work for this application.

TH 714 Briquette Press

WEIMA TH 714 Briquette Press

Briquettes come in a variety of shapes and sizes

The Sustainable Conclusion

Whether it's recycling wood chips, shredding metal scraps, or compacting paper waste, WEIMA's briquette presses are the ideal solution for sustainable waste management and resource utilization.