Back in Action: WEIMA continues Destroy Responsibly program at AWFS® Fair

Fort Mill, 07.14.21

The wood industry prides itself on its longevity and resilience, and nothing highlighted that more than the COVID-19 pandemic. Operations nationwide had to rearrange machinery, re-staff production lines, and space out employees. Despite these challenges, the wood industry continues to thrive and is finally coming back together on the show floor at the AWFS® Fair in 2021. WEIMA will be there with a shredding system in tow to keep the tradeshow as environmentally friendly as possible.

Wood waste management on the tradeshow floor

WEIMA is pleased to announce the return of the Destroy Responsibly™ program at AWFS® Fair. This initiative involves the installation of a WEIMA single-shaft shredder behind the tradeshow hall that will grind up the wood waste created during demonstrations on the show floor. Attendees and exhibitors alike are encouraged to take a walk out back and watch their materials as they are shredded to a homogenous size. All OSB, plywood, and MDF will be shredded in separate batches to ensure as much wood is donated as possible. The shredded solid wood will be donated to the University of Nevada at Las Vegas’s agricultural program to be used as compost and ground cover. This wood scrap would otherwise be sent to a landfill, so WEIMA is happy to give the wood a second life.

Freeman worker collects wood waste on the tradeshow floor

A Freeman worker collects wood waste on the tradeshow floor.

Follow the green carpet

During the show, which runs from July 20-23 in Las Vegas, Freeman employees will be collecting scrap wood in designated, labeled carts. These carts will be delivered to the shredding system out back for prompt processing. A WEIMA team member will then sort the scrap wood and grind it up. The shredder will be in operation throughout the entirety of the show, and the batches will be continuously fed throughout the event. Attendees and exhibitors are encouraged to follow the green carpet, which leads directly from the WEIMA booth to the centralized shredding location behind the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The benefits of wood shredding

The WEIMA team will be out there as well and can educate show-goers on the benefits of size reduction for the wood industry. Not only does shredding wood waste save space, but it often creates a second revenue stream for wood shops who no longer must pay high haul-away costs. WEIMA shredders are easily integrated into woodshops where space is an issue. If an air system is in place, these machines can connect to it with ease.

All hands on deck

The workforce deficits presented by the pandemic have been extreme, so maximizing labor efforts is critical. Moving bulky waste around a plant is time consuming and unnecessarily laborious. A shredder can be placed next to machinery that typically generates wood waste so that the hands of your employee are freed up to do other things that are more beneficial for an operation. The smaller machines within the WEIMA booth (#1447) can be placed next to ripsaws, CNC machines, and routers, for example. The WEIMA WLK 13 single-shaft shredder used in the Destroy Responsibly™ program highlights the benefits of having a centralized shredding location for bulky waste.

Demolition wood

Both options are viable, and shredders are not a one-size-fits-all solution. The WEIMA presence at the AWFS Fair will be comprehensive in showing the full range of options for in-plant wood grinding. Every operation is unique, so every installation is specified based on many variables, including the needs of the company and the size of the scrap.

The Destroy Responsibly™ recycling program was established by WEIMA over a decade ago. It is made possible by The Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS®) as well as by Freeman, and Only Vegas. These organizations have partnered with Repurpose America as well, who will take on the task of delivering the shredded wood to its new home where it will begin its life as ground cover. See you in Las Vegas!



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