A Shred of Hope: Manufacturing through a Pandemic

Manufacturing has never been more important than during a major world health crisis—especially for operations that produce the items necessary for combating contagious illnesses like COVID-19. With every ebb and flow of the economy and the media on red alert, it is easy to lose sight of the machines—and the humans operating those machines—that are powering through to make products that can decrease the spread of this incredibly contagious disease.

WEIMA is ready and prepared to help manufacturers shred and reclaim production scrap on site as the world collectively continues its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

tissue rolls waiting to be shredded and repulped

Tissue and paper towel rolls are important always, but especially during an outbreak where sanitation and hygiene are key in stopping the spread of an illness.

A Demand for Supply


Shortages on medical supplies and an increased demand for hygiene necessities have forced consumers to consider the manufacturing processes that are frequently overlooked. This medical crisis has also required manufacturers to be flexible in production from every angle.

WEIMA has seen an influx of letters from customers ensuring technical support availability as they forge forward in making necessary products for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In all these circumstances, WEIMA is committed and prepared to help production lines continue to run smoothly through size reduction. This makes it possible to reintegrate scrap back into a production process instead of sending it to a landfill. This embodies WEIMA’s mission to empower manufacturers to Destroy Responsibly™.

nonwovens manufacturing

A nonwovens manufacturer uses a WEIMA shredder to reclaim production scrap

Customers powering through


It is WEIMA’s goal always to support responsible manufacturing. One of WEIMA’s current customers, Parkdale Mills, Gastonia, N.C., announced that it was shifting an entire manufacturing line in order to begin immediate production of face masks for medical use. According to this article by the Charlotte Observer, Parkdale Mills is expecting a million medical face masks to be produced per week when the line is running at full capacity!

Other manufacturers of tissue products, wipes, and plastic film are equally as important in the fight against COVID-19. The protection of healthcare workers and emergency personnel, who are at the highest risk of exposure to the virus, is essential for slowing the spread of the illness. These supplies are flying off the shelves nationwide and being used across the country in hospitals and homes alike, causing shortages around the globe.

Similarly, an increase in home-based retail shopping will result in an increased production of cardboard containers, corrugate, pallets, and other materials necessary for the efficient shipment of goods.

tissue plant uses WEIMA shredder

This tissue manufacturer uses a WEIMA shredder to reclaim production scrap. Read the story here.

A Positive Outlook


Market shifts in a modern industrial economy are inevitable. Manufacturers have been challenged to think outside the box and adjust with the market for years, long before the news began reporting about COVID-19. WEIMA’s reach across a variety of industries allows the size reduction manufacturer to support the markets in the highest demand when it matters most.

Though the counties around the WEIMA America headquarters have declared that citizens and businesses should shelter in place, manufacturing is considered an “essential” business and thus WEIMA will remain open. With careful safety precautions in place, WEIMA will join its customers in moving forward and staying focused on the future.

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