A Shred Above: WEIMA Returns to the Plastics Recycling Conference

Plastics are in the news daily both in the United States and around the world. The usefulness of this commodity is not debated, but what should be done with plastic scrap once a product is produced? The Plastics Recycling Conference is an annual event with plastics sustainability in mind.

WEIMA is no stranger to plastics recycling. The environmental impact of this material has been politicized worldwide and frequently debated in public forums. Plastic shredding machinery offers an alternative destination for plastic scrap than a landfill. The goal is always this: to and give it a second life. This is the core tenet of the circular economy, and WEIMA offers machines that make it possible.


Why size reduction?

With landfill prices soaring and plastic scrap piling up in warehouses across the United States, it is imperative for operations to think a few steps past the manufacturing process. How much scrap will come from a production line each week? How many times is that scrap handled by an employee or moved around the plant? These questions, among others, can help a company identify which plastic size reduction system is right for their operation.

Scott Martin and Andrew White pose at the Plastics Recycling Conference 2020 in Nashville, TN.

WEIMA on display

The shredder manufacturer is happy to return to the Plastics Recycling Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, as an exhibitor and sponsor. In the booth, attendees will be able to view a WEIMA rotor with multiple knife types installed.

The variety of cutting tools shows just how versatile a WEIMA industrial plastics shredder can be in a world where application types are seemingly endless. These knives are bolted into the rotor and can be rotated three times to maximize the longevity of each blade. This is just another way WEIMA offers customers the most bang for their buck! Rotor diameter, length, and screen size can also be customized in order to achieve the ideal particle size through shredding.

A WEIMA V-Rotor design with rotating knives

Momentum on the conference floor

The time for conversation about the plastics industry and is now, and it was of the utmost importance that WEIMA was in the room for these discussions. The conference boasted pre-show registration at an all-time high, which is encouraging to those companies in the industry that both appreciate this commodity but who want to ensure that their companies are at the forefront of responsible manufacturing.

WEIMA America is exhibiting at the Plastics Recycling Conference in booths 618/620.

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