Energy from old carpets

A leading recycler of old carpets and textiles has recently successfully commissioned a WEIMA Spider 1500 shredder in the United Kingdom. The through-put was increased 46 per cent compared with the previous shredding installation.

The medium-sized family business in southern England can look back on 35 years of company history. It has always concentrated on the industrial recycling of fibres – such as those in carpets and textiles. Against the background of continually increasing volumes of collected old carpets, the decision was made to purchase a reconditioned WEIMA Spider 1500 single-shaft shredder to replace the current shredding system.

Picture 1: Spider 1500 single-shaft shredder

Feeding initially takes place via a conveyor belt fitted with a belt magnet. This will ensure that no metallic impurities will enter the shredder. The industry shredder with its 90 kW drive unit and the innovative V rotor finally shreds the carpet at a homogenous length of 40 mm. The carpet recycler’s customers include in particular substitute fuel installations, which use the shredded carpet left-overs for incineration and generating thermal energy.

Picture 2: Shredded carpet left-overs

Evaluation of the new WEIMA Spider 1500

The energy costs were reduced by over 30 per cent compared with the previous shredder. The through-put was also up by a hefty 46 percent.

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