Efficient energy conversion thanks to WEIMA

Bergmüller Holzbau in Bayerbach, Germany specializes in constructing single and multi-family houses and modernization, residential complexes and residential extensions in the region.

In addition, the 40-man family business covers everything for which carpentry is known. From the roof truss, church and roof reorganizations over the front organization up to modern carrying systems on agricultural or commercial halls.

For a long time, the company has been dealing with the issue of waste wood disposal and the value chain of waste as best as possible to expand to save energy costs. The expansion of the plant made the idea tangible and the decision was made to shred wood waste directly at the site with the aid of a 22 kW WEIMA WL 8 single-shaft shredder.

Wood waste and wood excess is hopper fed, shredded and extracted via dust collection system.

Optimal processing of residual wood

With the new heating system the cycle closes to provide an energy self-sufficient and climate-neutral heating and heat production and to optimally use the resources at Bergmüller.

“It is important here,” says Managing Director Michael Bergmüller, “that all processes are anchored in the company through the expansion of the company premises. This also applies to the preparation and processing of residual wood”.

For Bergmüller one thing was always clear: it should be a WEIMA. The single-shaft shredder of the machine manufacturer from Ilsfeld convinced by the robust construction with the extremely long service life, which is also guaranteed outdoors and at the best price-performance ratio.

The big challenge for the WL 8 was to implement a harmonious concept for the 3-fold feeding of the hopper according to customer requirements. The material is fed in by means of a 20-metre-long infeed conveyor belt which continuously removes the remnants from the joinery line and additionally by manually loading beam remnants, non-returnable pallets, boards or OSB boards by means of a fork lift or tipping trough. In addition, residual materials are simultaneously fed from the precast halls into the large hopper opening by means of a suction system and rotary valve.


As soon as the wood waste has been shredded by the 1000 mm wide V-Rotor equipped with cutting blades, the fully automatic material discharge of the single-shaft shredder takes effect. With a screw conveyor and the Steiner bunker transfer spiral, the wood chips are evenly distributed into the adjacent bunker.

Screw conveyor

Bunker Transfer Spiral

The concept was developed in such a way that the control cabinet with its powerful PLC control is located directly at the machine in order to ensure optimum accessibility. A big plus is the additional local control panel on the 6-axis milling machine inside the production hall. With which the monitoring and control of the shredder WL 8 is clearly arranged.

Providing solutions through products.

Another customer request was the 30 mm perforation of the screen to ensure optimal combustion of the material in the boiler.

In addition, the WL 8 scores with a peak throughput of up to 900 kg/hour depending on the material mix. The 22 kW strong drive power enables energy-efficient reduction of the residual wood quickly and precisely to the required chip size.

Control center for the production line

Outdoor view of the waste disposal station

The decision for this investment was not too difficult for Michael Bergmüller: “The consulting and the partnership with WEIMA is great – we were looking for a perfect solution and found it thanks to WEIMA. In the past, we had a lot of work to do with the disposal of residual wood, which meant high running costs. Now we have the freedom to use resources economically. The shredder is worth it and gives us new pleasure every day”.



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