TH M Series

Briquette presses for metal applications

The WEIMA TH 800 M briquette press was designed specifically with metal applications in mind. This machine allows for the briquetting of all types of metal shavings, chips, and turnings. Briquetting these materials into dense briquettes adds significantly to their resale value. Not only that, but this machine makes it possible to recollect valuable cutting fluids and emulsions for reuse. A tray and pump is located below the machine to make the collection of these liquids possible. The briquettes that are created can be smelted immediately, resulting in less slag and a higher material recovery rate.


A TH 800 M briquette press briquetting aluminum tubes


Optimal light metal recycling


Cast iron swarf briquetting

A WEIMA TH 800 M Briquette press compacts cast iron swarf into high-density metal briquettes.


Hopper with screw auger

Trichter Brikettierpresse Schnecke und Rührwerk
Wanna mit Pumpe für Emulsion Rückgewinnung

Collection pan for cutting fluid/emulsion with pump


CNC waste is compacted into briquettes

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