PUEHLER presses from WEIMA for draining and compressing production waste at drinktec 2022

Ilsfeld, July 26 2022

Rejects accumulate in various forms and quantities during beverage filling. WEIMA will be presenting disposal solutions for all types of packaging at drinktec 2022. The three PUEHLER presses on display cover the entire spectrum for the economical draining and compressing of cans, PET bottles, TetraPaks, and pouches. In Munich, the focus is on WEIMA’s new PUEHLER E.200 – the flexible entry-level machine for beverage producers.


There are many reasons for waste generation: Overfilling or underfilling when starting or stopping production. Damaged packaging or incorrect labeling. Rinse batches due to recipe change and returns. They all have one thing in common: They take up valuable storage space and must be disposed of – preferably quickly and cost-effectively.


WEIMA will be demonstrating how this works at drinktec 2022 in Hall C5. With the compact PUEHLER E.200 draining press, scrap can be easily pressed directly at the production line. Placement next to the conveyor belt reduces internal waste traffic and simplifies intralogistics. The workplace also remains clean – no more sticky floors due to leaking metal containers that have to be driven around far too often because they are overfilled. Pressing can reduce the waste material volume by up to 90 percent. The packaging and contents are cleanly separated from each other and can be optimally recycled or disposed of properly.


Alternatively, the PUEHLER E.200 can also be set up flexibly outside the production halls and thus becomes the central point of contact for disposal. An optionally available large feed hopper even makes machine loading by forklift possible. The machine compacts and drains around two cubic meters of waste material per hour.

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For those who want to centrally process even larger volumes, the PUEHLER G.200 Recycling press is available in Munich. As with all PUEHLER machines, this model also uses a hydraulic cylinder for the compression and emptying of all kinds of packaging. In contrast to conventional screw compressors, it is practically wear-resistant, mechanically simple and robust and impresses with high material throughputs. The PUEHLER G.200 can compact around five to six cubic meters of waste. Even ten to twelve with the PUEHLER G.300.

WEIMA will be presenting its PUEHLER drainage presses, packaging presses and label presses at drinktec 2022 in Munich in Hall C5, Stand C5.324.

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