Four-shaft shredders

Wherever the volume reduction of bulky and long wood and plastic waste as well as packaging, cardboard or metal waste of all kinds is required, there is no way around the machines of the ZM series. The proven shredder with four shafts mounted in parallel is designed for medium throughput volumes. With a generous hopper, two cutting and two clearing shafts, and a screen insert that can be individually adapted to your application, the shredders in this series reduce your waste materials to homogeneous particle sizes – whether as a stand-alone solution or as part of a multi-stage system.

High drive power with double motor, planetary gear drive and frequency converter

Two powerful electric motors with up to 30 kW drive power each drive the four shafts. In the machines of this series, WEIMA relies on robust planetary gears to generate high torques. Optionally, the ZM series can be equipped with a frequency converter. This allows the speed to be continuously regulated and power spikes can be avoided.

Simple operation via Siemens PLC control

The multi-shaft shredders can be operated in a user-friendly manner via a high-quality Siemens PLC control system. A touch display is also available as an option. For a particularly small footprint, the control cabinet is mounted on the side of the hopper. It is also available as a free-standing unit on request.

ZM 50 shreds HDPE canisters

Heavy duty anti-wear package for particularly abrasive materials

For shredding particularly abrasive materials, such as fibrous or heavily contaminated material, we recommend our anti-wear package. Along with a double-walled machine design, wear protection plates can be selected in the cutting chamber on the fixed bearing side and on the gearbox side to ensure a particularly long bearing life. In addition, cutting shafts and cutting discs can be made of hardened tool steel.

Low speed, maximum power for a wide range of applications

Thanks to the low shaft speed of approx. 25 rpm, noise pollution is in a very low range. An extremely high torque results from this slow speed. This enables high throughput with low power consumption. For light materials (e.g. peat), a speed of up to 50 rpm can also be set by selecting special motors.

Individual cutting configuration for optimum shredding results

The cutting configuration of the ZM shredders comes standard with two cutting shafts and two clearing shafts. The cutting shafts can be configured according to the desired throughput and particle size. The width and number of cutting discs can be variably adapted to your application. For higher throughput, the broaching discs can optionally be replaced by cutting discs. In addition, special cutting discs with stronger cutting capacity are also available – for even more aggressive cuts.

Two-stage shredding with WEIMA WLK 1000 und ZM 40 Shredder

Low-maintenance shredding without ram system, with four-shaft technology

The material is gripped and shredded by the cutting teeth of the cutting discs, and then pressed through the cutting gaps between the cutting discs by the clearing discs. In addition, the broaching discs ensure optimized material discharge through the screen. Thanks to the self-feeding system, the machines do not require a hydraulic pusher system. This reduces the need for maintenance.

Homogeneous particle size thanks to exchangeable screen insert

The screen placed under the cutting and clearing discs determines the particle size. An optional secondary breaker system integrated in the screen prevents long pieces from passing through the perforated screen and causing malfunctions in downstream machines. Depending on the application, round holes with diameters of 10 - 150 mm can be selected. Special designs with slots or without screen insert are also possible. This ensures that the optimum particle size is produced for each individual case.

Versatile feeding via large hopper by conveyor belt, forklift, lifting and tipping device or by hand

The large feed hopper can be individually adapted to customer requirements. For extremely flexible operation, the shredder can be fed in a user-friendly manner by conveyor belt, forklift, lifting and tipping device or by hand. The low loading edge is helpful here. A pressing system is also available as an option. When shredding very dusty material, we recommend a lid with safety limit switch for dust and splash protection.

Integration into your production line thanks to compact machine design

The robust yet space-saving machine design ensures easy integration into your existing plant. The ZM series can be used, for example, as a pre-shredder upstream of a granulator or shred materials for subsequent briquetting.

Flexible material discharge by suction, screw or conveyor belt

The shredded material can be discharged flexibly. For optimum connection to your extraction system, an extraction tray can be optionally selected. A quick and clean discharge by conveyor belt is possible by means of an elevated frame. Alternatively, a discharge screw is also available.

Quick access to the screen with optional quick-change screen

For a particularly quick and easy screen change, we recommend the optional quick-change screen. The manually removable screen insert allows the screen to be optimally adapted to your changing material streams.

Destruction of personal data and documents according to DIN 66399 with WEIMA ZM 50

Automatic overload protection with reversing switch

In the event of an overload, the cutting and clearing discs on the left and the cutting and clearing discs on the right reverse independently of each other, depending on which pair of shafts is subjected to the greater load. This removes the load from the shafts and repositions the material to be shredded for optimum shredding.

Cutting and clearing discs from a four-shaft shredding machine by WEIMA

WEIMA Four-shaft technology

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