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Single-shaft shredder
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The Spider series (Spider 1000, Spider 1500, Spider 2000) is a brand new kind of shredding system. This series spawned from the WLK shredding series, incorporating a number of innovative shredding machinery technology developments-- in particular the exchangeable pressing system. The horizontal hydraulic pusher option is the universal solution for all plastics, while the round curved pusher is the preferred solution for foils, fibres and filaments. The third option is the sloping pusher, ideal for hollow articles (e.g. containers with residual fluids.) This unique modular pressing system can be quickly and easily exchanged, making the WEIMA Spider series suitable for processing a wide variety of materials. The screen surface has been greatly improved, increasing material discharge rates considerably; individual screen elements facilitate screen changing.


The Spider 1500 H shredding plastic film


WEIMA Spider series


F-rotor with vautid coating for wear protection


Pallet shredding with the WEIMA Spider 1500 H


The heart of the Spider series: the rotor


We build our control cabinets in-house!


Shredding large pieces of purge

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