PUEHLER G.300 Duo Recycling

Dual draining press

With the PUEHLER G.300 Duo Recycling from WEIMA you receive a modern high-performance press for the draining and subsequent compressing of food, beverage and detergent packaging and containers. The drainage unit presses up to 14 m³ of material per hour with a degree of pressing of up to 99% into handy 300 mm diameter pellets. These then only have a residual moisture of 3-30%. This is ideal for further processing in downstream recycling processes. Even impurities such as swing tops, labels, broken glass or stones are easily pressed in due to the robust hydraulic design.

Drainage presses of the PUEHLER series work electro-hydraulically by means of various hydraulic cylinders. The material is fed either manually into a supply hopper, which is installed on the press, or fully automatically via appropriate conveyors or container tilting devices. The pressed out liquid oder paste is collected in a collecting trough and can be discharged by a separate, level-controlled pump.