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      TH 800 S

      Built-in flexibility

      The modular design of the TH Vario plus series allows exact adaptation to suit your existing premises or production conditions. Briquettes can be made from materials such as wood, polystyrene, foam, light alloy, paper or biomass – with throughput rates and briquette quality to meet high industrial demands (precondition: material residual moisture <= 18%). Nearly every individual solution can be achieved, e.g.: Duo, trio or quattro designs to increase throughput rates and availability of the machine. A comprehensive range of accessories is available for your TH Vario solution. It should be noted that the performance specifications of the presses and hydraulic systems have been tuned to each other.


      Volume reduction

      Foam waste shredded by a WEIMA ZMK 50 four-shaft shredder can be briquetted into high-density briquettes using a WEIMA TH 800 S briquette press.


      Briquette discharge

      Brundes Holzbriketts Austrag
      Ölgekühlte Hydraulikeinheit

      Hydraulic oil cooling


      TH 900 S Vario Plus Duo briquette press compacts paper scrap into briquettes


      We build our control panels in-house!

      Selbst produzierter WEIMA Schaltschrank

      Aluminum briquette

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      • Briquette diameter (mm)
      • Throughput rate (kg/h)
      • Hydraulic motor (kW)
      • Hydraulic oil charge (l)
      • Weight (approx. kg)
      TH 800 S
      • 80
      • 250
      • 22
      • 600
      • 2500
      TH 900 S
      • 90
      • 300
      • 22
      • 600
      • 3000