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HD 500

For difficult applications
Recommended materials:

The HD (High-Density) briquette press series does exactly what it says it does. It is designed specifically for hard-to-handle materials and makes the compression of materials like MDF dust, wood shavings, and metal swarf possible. The briquettes are formed when extreme pressure is applied in a closed chamber, so that these briquettes can be compressed even more, but still without the use of any binding agents. This is how we create circular briquettes that have a diameter of 50mm and also rectangular briquettes in a variety of sizes.


Spray cans are shredded and briquetted

A WEIMA WL 8 shredder and a WEIMA HD 1500 briquette press create dense aluminum briquettes from production waste.


Swing arm technology for high density briquettes

Schwingenpresse Briketts
Brikettierpresse Hydraulktank Aggregat

Large hydraulic tank for high pressing power


Finally dust-free!

Wood dust is formed into briquettes with the help of a WEIMA HD 820 briquette press. This process reduces not only volume, but also reduces the dust in the air, which decreases the danger of explosion.

Schmiermitteltank einer WEIMA Brikettierpresse
Turm Vorverdichter Brikettieren WEIMA

Aluminum scrap recycling

A WEIMA HD 614 briquette press converts aluminum shavings into 60 mm briquettes.


Auger feeder

Förderschnecke und Rührwerk Brikettierung
Anzeige Pressdruck Brikettpresse

Pressure gauge

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