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Nonwoven Shredders

WEIMA proudly manufactures shredders for nonwoven fabrics to help save you money on disposal and recycling! Nonwoven fabrics are materials bonded together by fiber or filaments either mechanically, thermally or chemically. These textiles are not woven or knitted.


Medical Nonwovens

- Medical/Surgical Gowns

- Clothing Covers

- Surgial Masks

- Gloves

- Shoe Covers

- Wound Dressings

- Hair Nets


Other Nonwovens Materials

- Diapers & Baby Wipes

- Feminine Hygiene

- Shopping Bags

- Mailing Envelopes

- Pillows & Batting

- Disposable Clothing

- Tarps

- Geotextile Bags/Containers


Why Shred Nonwovens?

The shredding of nonwoven material reduces scrap and the need to purchase virgin resin. The need for a steady supply of material is crucial as oil prices are constantly fluctuating. Shredding nonwovens help lower disposal/purchasing costs and is more environmentally friendly. Many nonwoven producers have integrated a shredder and pelletizer into their production line.


WEIMA offers a wide selection of nonwoven shredders including our single-shaft shredder. The F+ Rotor is ideal for shredding filament-based materials and is often used in the initial destruction of nonwovens. For materials that have a lower melting point, WEIMA manufactures a chilled rotor option that allows the shredder to process the material as efficiently as possible without melting.



Briquetting Nonwovens

As nonwovens are cut or shred, dust is often released as a byproduct that can be dangerous in production environments. The installation of a briquette press at the discharge of the dust collection system can help eliminate dusting and increase overall safety. By creating nonwoven briquettes from the dust discharge, this helps eliminate clean-up and transportation time. WEIMA does not use adhesives to create the briquettes, rather the use of pressure to compress dust into hockey-shaped briquettes. Our briquetting machines have a compaction rate of up to 9:1, saving a company significant amounts of money while reducing their environmental footprint.


Nonwoven Shredders

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