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Medical Shredders

As leaders in the shredding industry, WEIMA manufactures innovative hazardous and medical waste shredders to treat and sterilize medical waste prior to disposal to help you save money by eliminating the costs associated with off-site processing centers. Our waste shredders are used to destroy red bag waste, pharmaceuticals, non-woven fabrics such as shoe covers, face masks & more. In the hospital setting, the medical waste shredders are used to destroy fittings, tools, IV bags and other contaminated materials.


Types of Medical Waste

- Hospital Waste

- Used IV Bags

- Red Bag Waste

- Sharps Containers

- Nonwoven fabrics including hospital gowns, shoe covers, surgical face masks

- Disposable Gloves

- Syringes



WEIMA understands the importance and the process of properly disposing of hazardous and medical waste. Hospital waste varies as it incorporates several different types of waste that require special disposal due to the possibility of contaminated or infectious materials. The shredding process prepares the waste to ensure that the materials are safely processed and in accordance with regulations and other requirements. These shredders are designed for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and any other facilities with onsite medical waste production.


Our waste shredding specialists will work with you and your application to configure the right machine for your hazardous waste application.



Medical Shredders

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