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Data Destruction Equipment

You can trust WEIMA to provide you with data destruction equipment and hard drive shredders that will guarantee that confidential data, in the form of paper or computer hard drives, remains confidential and unrecoverable. Our industrial-sized data shredders feature large hopper openings to make it easier for your equipment document destruction.


A detailed discussion is necessary in order to establish the correct machine for your shredding project. WEIMA data destruction shredders process all kinds of files: documents, treasury notes, swipe cards, information on CDs, DVDs, hard drives, footage or tape. The material can be shredded in a single-stage or two-stage process in order to reach your desired security goal or particle size.


A briquetting system can be included to create paper briquettes and to recover airborne dust fragments. WEIMA has years of experience with a multitude of success stories within the field of data destruction. We will be glad to share those with you.



Sample material

Shredders for data destruction applications

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