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The Lucky Few

I was on a plane Friday morning headed to New York City for one meeting. One meeting! Can you imagine that? The person that I went to see is a customer and they just ordered another machine from me. So, I went up to finish the layout and hopefully secure the rest of the auxiliary equipment business to go along in the package. 

Driving to the airport, I was half asleep and probably not in the best of moods. I go through a seamless check-in and await my departure. They call my usual Zone 5 and I board. The lady says, “Sir, how about we move you up a few rows…” Great! The plane was empty and I got any seat I wanted on row 7. The day was shaping up to be okay. 

As the plane was climbing to cruising height we broke through the clouds and I witnessed one of the more peaceful works of art I’ve ever been privy to.

And I thought to myself, in today’s time of 10% unemployment and poverty levels rising, I am lucky to be sitting on this plane witnessing perfection at 6:30 am. I am thankful that my employer trusts me enough to travel and secure business at the drop of a hat. And I enjoy what I do. So, I consider myself one of the lucky few…

Oh yeah, the meeting went great.

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