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The Competitive Edge of "Going Green"

Having the correct waste collection system within any facility can pay tremendous dividends. To be able to promote an effective waste recycling program within your company portrays a focused effort to be a good steward and corporate neighbor. Every company wants to fly the "GREEN" flag.

The big advantage of “GREEN MARKETING” is the competitive posture your sales team has approaching new opportunities. If you are proposing jobs against a competitor that already has an efficient waste reduction system in place, they are receiving revenues for their waste stream that you are not. This provides for more attractive pricing as they can work off slimmer margins due to higher waste paper revenues. These revenues represent dollars that should not be ignored!

Proper waste management systems have been operating throughout the printing industry for years. Those companies are proud of their secret. They often beat the competition with aggressive pricing not afforded by all.

Destruction of printed material is more prevalent now than in the past. This forces the printer to provide proper chain of custody. If in fact the incumbent already can provide that service "in house", this builds a barrier for your sales team that is almost impossible to overcome.

A number of factors come into play when determining how extensive of a waste handling system should be designed for your facility. Your existing process dictates what equipment should be part of the new design. Is my present air system at maximum capacity? Does my present and future customer base suggest pre-shredding and baling of material? Is my present recycling hauler yielding the highest dollars per ton in the form I tender it to them? What if I prepare my waste to enable a “Mill Direct” program? What is my waste revenue then?

We are fortunate to be in a market in North America that provides quality vendors of waste management systems. The overworked cliché of "Do your Due Diligence" stands paramount in this process as well.

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