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The Art of Recycling

There is something quite cathartic about turning "trash into treasure." It's what we do here at WEIMA-- our main goal is to help you shred and briquette your scrap in order to put money back in your pocket while positively impacting the environment. We think that's a beautiful thing.

Here are a few examples of artists taking recyclable materials and positively impacting the environment by creating art. We think this is beautiful, too.

This polar bear sculpture is made of aluminum cans.


This fish sculpture in Rio is made of plastic water bottles and is lit up at night. This is officially on my list of places to visit.


These globes are made from cardboard scraps. So cool. I wonder if they spin?


I never thought junk mail could be so beautiful!


This little bird was made from pieces of electronic scrap. Impressive!


Last but not least, this wall art was made from wood waste that the artist found in his yard.



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