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Save money with a Weima Rippings Grinder

In today's economic climate, the most important thing is efficiency.  How can we save money?  Weima America's shreddersbriquette presses and grinders can help with the majority of applications presented to us.

In some instances, Weima's equipment will produce a money making product.  But in most cases, our wood shredders save you from sending checks out the door.

For example...  

Handling strips that come off of a rip-saw can be time consuming and labor intensive.  Instead of taking the time to bundle the strips, cut them up, or roll the cart to your dumpster; install a Weima horizontal shredder beside the rip line.  Drop the strips on the conveyor, shred them up, and evacuate by air.  This means less down time for you and more production for your facility.  The benefits are three-fold.  Your saw was more productive, you didn't waste labor on waste, and your dumpster has been compacted.


The next time you walk around your shop, keep in mind the amount of labor you are spending on your waste. 

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