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QR Codes... say what?



If you've read any magazines or visited any trade shows recently I'm sure you've seen those peculiar square barcodes. It seems like they appeared out of nowhere overnight and took the marketing industry by storm. So what are they? What do they do? How can you use them to benefit your business? Do you need to learn a technical computer programming language to use them?

Before your nerves get the best of you, let me assure you that this is one of the easier nuances that I have seen in the marketing industry lately. If you have a smart phone (Droid, BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.) with a camera you can take full advantage of this very simple but useful technology.

From your smart phone you can search for "QR Code Reader" and download a free application that will allow you to scan these barcodes. When you're using the application, you can then take a picture of the QR Code with your phone's camera. Each QR code serves as a link to a specific internet page. When you scan the image of the QR code, it will take you to that page using your phone's web browser.

At any trade show you could scan an exhibitor's QR code and browse it on the spot. OR you could always bookmark their page and browse while you're sitting in the airport terminal waiting for your flight to board. 

The possibilities are endless. This technology will save you time and make information more easily accessible and convenient. So make sure you download your QR Code Reader on your smart phone before you travel to your next trade show. And if you'll be at AWFS Fair 2011, stop by WEIMA America's booth, check out our size reduction technology, and try out your new QR Code Reader for yourself!


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