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Preventative Maintenance for Optimum Performance

 Easy Rotor Access

The WEIMA Single Shaft Shredders are designed to be simple to operate and maintain.  A few years ago we sold a shredder to a large plastic film producer as step one in the process to recycle plastic packaging.  They used our shredder to prepare the film prior to repelletizing in an extruder.  They were ecstatic when the unit was installed as they simply dumped a gaylord of film in the hopper and drove away.  Previously they used a granulator that someone had to manually feed in order to prevent surging and ultimately stoppage of the unit.

After about a year of operation I received a call from the engineer who purchased the unit.  He was being told by operations that it was not doing the job.  I asked when the most recent knife rotation had occurred.  He said he would check into it.  Within an hour he returned the call and grossly apologized.  He said the unit had over 2,000 hours and no service had been done.  They ordered a set of knives and were happy to say the unit was back in good working order within a day.  Obviously, they now recognize the importance of proper maintenance.  They now perform quarterly preventitive maintenance, stay in contact with our parts department for wear items and are a very happy WEIMA customer.

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