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Oddest Application of the Year!

This past year has been an interesting one to say the least!  Usually when I am out and about socializing, networking or informing people of what Waste Recycling Equipment is or what products WEIMA America, Inc. provides, those individuals who are not familiar with the industry usually lose interest immediately when I state that we sell shredders & recycling equipment for size, waste and or volume reduction or reprocessing.  

In fact, the most common response from people has been a product reference to the wood chipper like the one in the scene of the movie Fargo.  Then I go into detail of the industries and companies we serve like cabinet shops and casework companies for wood wastefilm & plastics manufacturers for scrap reduction & reprocessing or paper recyclers, printing companies and other forms of recycling, etc.  Still interested?  Wait, it gets better. When I mention the oddball or least common applications that our single shaft shredders are found their interest peaks.  

SamplesMy favorite for the year of 2010 occured a few months ago when I received a phone call from a prospect in my territory.  I answered the phone and their first words were, "I know you've never done this before".  I hesitated and thought of the other phone calls requesting to shred automobiles, mattresses, plastic bags filled with urine from hospitals and other medical waste, or hey let's briquette chicken @%$* to use or market and sell as a alternative fuel source.  This one was more interesting!  

This "X" company had won a government contract to destroy confiscated bales of a pungent green organic substance-- you know the one-- and they needed a shredder to pre-shred the bales in order to efficiently incinerate and destroy them.  Immediately I requested samples for test purposes in order to see how these bales would react within the cutting chamber of our single shaft shredder and to see which screen or particle size would best fit their application and throughput goals. 

Needless to say, my request was denied, but my co-workers didn't need to know that.  Their reaction when the samples arrived was priceless! Instead, my prospect sent some bales of straw wrapped in duct tape to simulate the actual illicit product.  In conclusion, we got the sale and "We're tearing it up!"

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